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What a difference a year (+ 4 weeks) makes

June 15, 2003… I stared death in the eye and duly told it to eat a dick and decided to continue living my life. Many people know this story and most of its elements but what people usually don't know is that on the 21 st  of that same month - the following weekend, I intended to be in attendance at a job fair in Atlanta. Coinciding with that job fair, I would have been in school 2 more weeks in a technical school then completing some testing, then relocating for the job I'd hoped to be securing. Needless to say, 16 days short of my 24 th  birthday, I was on the road to fixing the credit I had so happily messed up and finally making my granddaddy proud. Well, with a hospital room full of people I (and my mother, apparently) didn’t quite know loved me as well as they showed up to display, my plans had been severely derailed. With that in mind, I spent SEVERAL years angry with myself over what the accident had apparently done to my plans. Then 2008 happened... My job allo