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Life in "Post-Racial" America, 2012 Election Edition

            In 2008, I was not connected to any of the social networks that I am currently plugged into other than this blog.  Then, MySpace still (kind of) mattered and I still used it.  I had not yet started to use FaceBook and at the time REFUSED to use Twitter.  I am inclined to think, at times, that my life was actually better for it.             See, in 2008 I remember exactly how Election Day went for me.  I woke up, went to work, then home for a moment then to the gym.  I had already voted early and therefore missed the crowds at the polls.  I stayed in the gym for longer than usual because they’d started reporting from the districts with their counts up really early, and that included several of the so-called “battleground” states with heavier Electoral College counts.  It was no later than 9pm that it was becoming obvious who had won the election and the tenor around the gym – say in about 90% or more of the people actually there – was positive.  There were tho