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Hip Hop History discussion - 2001

Hmm... 2001... Bought the 95. Kelli left Greensboro in mid-May, I sulked from then til November, barely pausing to notice 9/11, as I had bigger fish to fry. Went back to school, age 21/22 this year and settling into a bit of this strip club habit, with some influence from a newly-18-years-old someone whose mother and sister can actually read this, so names are not given. Met one of my best friends -- who is subscribed to this blog -- this year as well... Factoring all into this, 2001 was not a BAD year, and the music I can remember based upon what I type before cracking open Google, Wikipedia and Amazon to work on this piece serves to that, even if I don't list a fucking TON of albums here. Noteworthy as well is that I was PARTIALLY sloshed this year too. Not as bad as 2002 before this blog, but very much intoxificated, a state I have surely been in a constant state of since age 19... Damn, no extra lining here, time for battle. January What. The. FUCK?!!? Daz Dillinger and JT The