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True Story©… Interviewin’

       I have been with my current employer since December of 2006… Almost 16 years of productive employment and the merit increases and simple seniority at a well-known-but-ne’er-to-be-named-here company has afforded me a comfort I’d never felt at a prior job.   The seniority thing lends itself to a goodly amount of paid time off as well, which is a fact that makes me as an employee kind of hard to recruit/snipe by other companies.   They can match my money, but they can’t match the amount of time off I receive.      One thing about the above-mentioned time off is that I must use it or lose it, so I frequently find myself forced by my wife at gunpoint to take time off for no fucking reason taking time off for nothing more than my own entertainment. If it feels like I have talked about something like this before, it is because I have . -BUT- This is not that…      Now that you’re back from the sidequest I just sent you on, let us get to why I decided that I was killing too m