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True Story©… Used to Be the Man

       I’m a pretty unmistakable guy.   Even in public in a mask, people can usually tell who I am from sight distance.   My walk, my watch, my hair – even my beard poking out the sides and bottom of the mask.   Add the whimsy of the mask itself and people tend to recognize me when they see me out. Even when I wish I had been able to hide from them.      After the Rona scare where I was miraculously the only one who didn’t get it, we came to the family decision that of anyone was to venture out for sundries, I would be sacrificed the one to do it.   Still no wanton browsing, digging around in the mall for bullshit and my Hot Wheels searching field trips are usually baked into Wal Mart and Dollar General runs. This story isn’t directly about that…      Recently, on one of those early-morning – I had to learn to go to the grocery store at 7am when y’all started wilding over fucking toilet paper in April – runs to Food Lion down near the house for coffee creamer and toilet paper (

True Story©… The Newest Normal

       My wife is a saint… I have been back to work since my six-week vacation ended after we escaped for my birthday and the 4 th of July.   She planned that trip for my day, she made the best of it even though it mon-fucking-sooned the entire time we were in Wilmington. Back home, we got ahead of what would be the school year for the littles even though we had no clue what a “school year” would look like.   This matters doubly when considering the fact that she herself is a teacher. … and now her sainthood…      When school actually started back, everyone was virtual, so where when this fiasco all started, there was a chance that we might all be returning to an office in the late summer/early fall, or at least she would since my job can be done quite efficiently while watching the traffic go by the front of my house.   As it were, she opted to work consistently from the back in the guest room-turned-office because I type loud as fuck and often break into song and/or laughter.