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If the lockout persists...

This is going to be a LONG fall/winter for me without NBA basketball… Yes, I know I will have NCAA ball from November through the beginning of April, but that is just not the same to me… Know who ELSE is going to miss those millionaires running up and down the court? TNT/TBS, ESPN/ABC and NBATV are all going to be HURT for the missing content. I thought to myself about what WOULD they put in the slots that are at this moment still allotted for the televising of NBA games this coming season if there happens to be no (or a shortened) season? This weekend, NBATV showed some “Hardwood Classics” games from years past, and the younger generation may have gotten to see a time where teams like Phoenix, Indiana, Portland and the New York Knicks all pretended to be credible threats to win an NBA championship. Yes, it was all pretending because of that Michael Jordan guy, and Hakeem Olajuwon while MJ went to pretend to be a baseball player to avoid suspension over gambling

Why I should probably not run a pr0ns production company

As ever, the course of conversations come to me thinking of means to be an ass in the face of what people usually enjoy, even if this entails the adding of elements that they HATE about things they love... 4am reruns of 80s sitcoms Comedy central Pr0ns Those are things that people generally enjoy, no? Well during those 4am rerun sessions and on Comedy Central at ANY time of the day, you WILL be subjected to the tearjerker “send us some money” commercials with Sarah McLachlan and a half-mutilated domesticated animal set to the tune of music that could make a Georgia prosecutor cry. Many of us love pr0ns too, and what’s not to love about it? I will TELL you what’s not to love about it is that 15 minutes of advertising at the beginning of the DVD that NO DVD player is equipped to skip without 10 minutes of button pushing. While I am convinced that the hassle that these ads were a large part of what drove millions of perves from DVD to the internet, I am sure tha

You know what? I UNDERSTAND arranged marriages now

As an “extroverted introvert,” life relegated to being trapped in the house without it being an option I exercised to be there is not my thing. Sometimes, being “out” is not much more than being in the car and burning of ten bucks worth of gas while I ride around with the bambino and take pictures and such. At times, my travels take us – that is Katie and I – with the baby to our normally necessary locales like Wal Mart, the grocery store and/or to the malls/shopping centers… and to the task at hand... Today, on lunch, I went to a grocery store on my lunch break for a salad, and there was a woman who I would presume was a single mother because part of my introverted extroversion involves being a judgmental asshole. She had 3 sons, none older than 4 by my first guess (because this is a school day and it was only 11:40am) and ALL poorly behaved. When I say that, I am being nice when I say “poorly behaved,” because I really wanted to shake the shit out of all

I SHOULD feel like a dick for this

I am growing increasingly weary with the "... if Pac and Big were still alive..." argument presented WHENEVER hip hop history is the topic of discussion. I will address Biggie first, since that answer is most easily arrived to... Big was young and naive, coming DIRECTLY from the PJ's to rap stardom. No business acumen (no, no one who NEVER had a drivers license - even after getting rich - sells as much crack as he claimed to), and no point of reference other than "get money now," Biggie would have been nickel and dimed into the poor house if he DREAMED of NOT being on Bad Boy Records. The FACT that he had recently before death signed a chunk of his masters to Puffy against a loan of only $200k suggests this to me. Why, in a world where Michael Jackson took himself from "rich" to "wealthy" by owning the master tapes and all the rights that comes with that ownership anyone would do such a thing suggests a juvenile understanding of the long ter

They lied to me all through elementary school

As I look back on the 80’s, I realize that my entire generation was lied to as it related to drugs… They told us in school to be aware of and avoid drug dealers, who would offer kids drugs (at no charge, mind you) and shoot you for not accepting their offer. Once these idiot drug-“gifters” (“dealers” sell, “gifters” give shit away) realized that the D.A.R.E. program had properly empowered and educated (non-profit organization standard buzzwords) kids, they changed their story. Now we could no longer accept candy or anything from strangers and should have our parents inspect our Haloween candy, because NOW drug dealers were making a new kind of drugs for kids and putting it in candy to give (<-- again, that word is my problem here) to kids. Now, not to let you in on more than you need to know about me but I know enough about the peddling of illicit goods to know that you don’t make a DIME on anything you give away. That is why I NEVER got involved with weedhead women when

Reaching the end of my rope

As the NBA lockout continues, and with an infant standing between me and full nights’ sleep for what is now 7 weeks, I might be growing a bit ornery… Add to that the fact that VERY LITTLE good music has come out over the course of this summer and I am borderline psychopath. So far this summer, we have gotten albums from Jay-Z & Kanye Zest and another from Lil’ Wayne. It is hard to have been a fan of hip hop in general for as long as I have without having some admiration for Jay-Z’s work, and I have gone on record explaining that I do not dislike Lil’ Wayne, especially Tha Carter III. While most people pin Tha Carters I and II as his arrival as the most improved rapper in hip hop history, I count part III as his magnum opus. Try as he might, there will just not be anything better than that from him. HOWEVER I am deeply disappointed in what has been presented on both of these albums. I burned a copy of Watch the Throne that I downloaded at a cost of about $0.58.