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"History Issues"... a conversation

This one came from the suggestion of The Katie... Last night, when she came in from work, she started -- before even addressing the dogs – “hey, I have an idea for a question of the day.” I think she had heard it on the radio or somewhere between work, class and then home. At first I was not sure about it, but when I got here this morning, I decided that such a discussion might help the day along, I logged into the Book of Face from my communications device on the way in to work and asked… “Question of the day… How many prior partners/relationships is too many?” I thought, knowing what I know about my friends on the Book of Face, that this would be a damned interesting conversation. By the time I was seated at my desk, I had my first response from high school classmate, Tim, with… "Don't ask don't tell no one really wants to know and if you do tell they think your lying so keep it on the hush " Next respondent was former coworker, Ulrica with… "Lol!@ Tim

"Chivalry vs. Recession"... a conversation

At some point during my upbringing with a mostly-absent pops, I was left to hearsay or observation of what could be construed as overly slightly matriarchal (read: woman-centric) standards of how dating works… A blog for another time would include how such an accepted approach to dating is what killed parity in relationships, and with it chivalry. Luckily, my two readers, this blog is not about that. One of the things, though, that I specifically recall reading, seeing or hearing time and time again before I ever went on my first date was that it was tacky and/or cheap for a dude to use a coupon on a date with a chick, especially the first date. Being that I am 31 years of age now, we can know that bit of information was received in the early to mid 90’s. Applying to the here and now, with major changes in how things are carried in general, what with the change in employment circumstances as it relates to men and women and not to forget the recession that Obama currently has us embroi

"Shoppin' in the boys' section"... a conversation

One of the things I do not keep secret to anyone who has seen pictures of me is my height. I have been photographed standing with people of all shapes and sizes and readily tell people that I am 5'8"ish -- all the way true to my sense of extra-averageness... Save for, um... 3 or 4? girls I have dated or otherwise seen in my time, my stated preference is to women who are at most my height or shorter. [ Phlip note - this will be the first time I tip my hand to my answer this early in one of these discussions] Speaking in specifics, the question presented to the Book of Face was as follows: "Question of the day... How much is TOO MUCH of a height difference for a man to be shorter than his woman? " The homie Jason (6'4" by the way) came first with... "If your eyelevel with breasts your girls to tall for anything serious , but she's fair game for diggin fence posts" Next was former coworker Kianna, with... "for me, maybe about 3 inches...i

(19) "Is it snitching?"... a conversation

Y'all know how these ... a conversation blogs go... I present a question to people in person or on the Book of Face (/callmephlip, like everything else on the interwebs if you're not already connected), collect answers and then throw the results up in the form of a blog. This one came from the mind of The Katie, though. I was cooking last night (04/09/2010, as of when I type this), and she suggested a question, which I will present now, modified for blogification. "Let's say that you have a good friend, or are good friends with a couple, and one of them cheats on the other, do you say anything, and if so how?" Yeah, this one will be good... Kicking the idea around today, I asked during an IM convo with La'Donicca , who does not like her Rap Name, and her response was... " That's a toughie and I'd consider going about it in a couple of ways: I'd pull the cheater aside and say most respectfully, though probably undeserved, 

(10) "Friends with benefits"... a conversation

Ahh... The good ol' "friends with benefits" thing. It is where two individuals are not in a relationship and are free to do what they will separate of each other with other people if they choose, but are casually making sex here and there as well. See, they're "friends," per se, in that they're acquainted and familiar. The "benefit" is naked time. There has always been a question as to whether or not this arrangement actually ever WORKS for the better of any individuals involved. It is hotly contested, actually, and is usually split right down gender and/or age lines. Ever the one to incite a riot get people talking, on Tuesday I presented the Book of Face with today's Question of the Day: "'Friends with benefits'... Can it work, and if so/not why or why not?" And waited to let the people slug hug it out... As usual, all responses are presented with no editing on my part, other than for the proper use of quotat

"Cross that line..." a discussion

I presented my FaceBook friends -- all people I have either met or at least conversed with in some realish-world fashion with the exception of fan pages, by the way -- and some folks via email with the question of the day: "H ow far does a man allow a woman to take it before physically defending himself ?" I then settled in for the last 40 minutes of my work day and waited for the responses to roll in, just to see what folks had to say in response. Keep in mind, the responses you will find here do not represent those of the staff (me) here at " The Musings of a Madman... " but of the individuals quoted as having said them. Any individual named and quoted will be such with a link to their own blog if you would like the chance to read them and hug it out with them. Or argue the merits of their response... As usual, my opinion and response will be last. First response, as is custom with the question of the day, was former coworker, Dominik (female, happily married),

Would you rather... A discussion

With the success of last week's QOTD, I decided that I would probably make a point of dropping one of those on Facebook, email and yaddayaddayadda about every time I can think of one. Today's comes in the wake of Tiger Woods' epic bitch move in apologizing in the face of not having actually broken any laws. [ Phlip note - more on that in a later post] The question presented was " in the wake of all this tiger talk... would you rather your significant other cheat on you or just leave? " Of course, as with anything, when I am soliciting the opinions of others on these things, I asked people to be as specific as possible when answering. As usual, I emailed the question to some people who might not have access to my Facebook as well to get a full and well-rounded group of answers. Diversity, if you will. My first respondent this time was the homie Tony Grands via email, with: "I'd rather she leave. I'm selfish, & don't generally play well wit

Valentines day... a conversation

This morning, I was in an IM conversation with my good pal La'Donicca (kekekeke) about the goings on of this coming weekend to commence in about 6 hours as of when I type this sentence. When I typed this part of it is important when one considers what will commence. I explained that The Katie and I had plans to go to the Circus on Sunday... me : so I will change the subject Katie and I are going to the circus Sunday La'Donicca : Okay That sounds like fun. Well. Actually The idea of it sounds fun but I remember going as a kid and all I could remember was the smell Lol me : damn, man La'Donicca : But it does sound very sweet. Is that valentine's day? me : happens to be La'Donicca : I meant was that planned for you all's valentine's day me : actually, no it was planned because the circus comes to greensboro in february La'Donicca : Ok me : just happens to have been valentines for 2 years consecutive La'Donicca : Right me : no flo