"Shoppin' in the boys' section"... a conversation

One of the things I do not keep secret to anyone who has seen pictures of me is my height. I have been photographed standing with people of all shapes and sizes and readily tell people that I am 5'8"ish -- all the way true to my sense of extra-averageness...
Save for, um... 3 or 4? girls I have dated or otherwise seen in my time, my stated preference is to women who are at most my height or shorter.

[Phlip note - this will be the first time I tip my hand to my answer this early in one of these discussions]

Speaking in specifics, the question presented to the Book of Face was as follows:

"Question of the day... How much is TOO MUCH of a height difference for a man to be shorter than his woman?"

The homie Jason (6'4" by the way) came first with...
"If your eyelevel with breasts your girls to tall for anything serious , but she's fair game for diggin fence posts"

Next was former coworker Kianna, with...
"for me, maybe about 3 inches...i used to matter a while ago when i didn't know any better, but now not so much if he has a lot to offer (not referring to material things)..."

Next was Barri, of Witches Brew, and instead of a straight answer, we arrived to...

How big is his peen?
Me: that is not a qualifier, so we are to assume that it is average
Barri: Um how much money? Is he well dressed educated yes these ARE qualifiers
Me: the only qualifier necessary is "how short makes a dealbreaker"

Barri: I am not that simple a woman, phlip.
Sorry! Lol

Me: lmao

Barri: Let's say Vern Troyer then. Ok?


Barri: Or Gary Coleman lol I can work anything else out, depending on the rest

Me: is that your answer?

Barri: Yes!
Barri: But please note that I requested other qualifiers!
Me: hell I am using this whole conversation as your response
Barri: Yes!

Next respondent was fellow forum moderator, Marc, with...
"If you have to Look Up at your other half.. there might be a problem.. LOL"

Forum member Grant responded with...
"6 inches diff is my max. i prefer shorter girls so they can get in my roll caged car now lol"
[Phlip note - 6 inches? DAMN!!! That would make a chick 6'4" over me... I'll pass!]

Another former coworker, Clair, came in with...
"I know I'm wrong, I can't do it! I'm already 5'3 if your shorter than me. I won't look at you."

Former coworker, Lovetta, came with...
"As long as I don't have to pick him up in order for him to kiss me, I could care less."

As for me?
Look, I understand that most dudes prefer their women, as a statement of total femininity, would prefer to have their women smaller -- or at least shorter -- than them.
It stands to reason and observations that some dudes just aren't getting down like that and prefer their women to be larger or taller than them. Furthermore, it stands to reason that some of these dudes are shorter than the 5 feet and 8 inches between the top of my head and the floor, thus feeding some napoleon complex.

Corollary to that are the women who like smaller men, be it for the security of knowing they could kick some ass if it came down to that, or at the very least instill control into him by means of governing with fear. Some of these same women are an extra average 5'4" or less, and still want to experience this, so it remains totally necessary that they do NOT possess a sense of achondroplasiaphobia (bottom of the page) before proceeding.

Those items are neither here nor there. The specter of an easy win should the zombie apocalypse commence notwithstanding, this is another of the cases where the natural position of man to woman in a relationship (even if they're not actually IN one) usually takes control.
That being said, in most cases you will find that both the man and woman will prefer that the man be taller. Concessions can and have been made as I named before, but what I am to understand that anything more than 3 inches -- and at that only if SHE just happens to be like 5'10" or better in my opinion -- is too much a disparity.
[Phlip note - unless he has a tremendous wang or several advanced degrees and lot of money, as shown by my conversation with Barri]

Keeping in mind, as well, that on average women are between like 5'1" and 5'5"ish, and I kinda worry about the plight of dudes any smaller than that, unless they're under the age of 16. Not even to suggest an irrational fear of midgets or anything, but even still, someone is legally a "little person" when below the height of 4'9" as an adult. And I can't imagine what weirdo would want to be with someone who is physically childlike.
Well, I CAN imagine what kind of weirdo, but this was a discussion about how short is too short, not "To Catch a Predator," so no need to go there.

Not as many responses to this one as normal, but I will take that to be because of the NBA finals talk on FaceBook the last couple weeks and the weather.


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