"You know who you look like?"

Why is it, that whenever a usually white people start talking to/about a usually black person, whether or not -- but most usually when -- that person is in the room, they've already started trying to figure out what OTHER black person(s) that individual looks like?
It might not be so bad if this was a once-in-a-while thing, but it is damn near every couple days and when it is on, everything available is applied to the completion of said task... News stories are scoured, every celeb, every little fucking Thing? WHY?!!?
It goes in cycles... I'm 5'8" and wear glasses and have a beard and waist-length dreadlocks, so it is often that I avoid even leaving my house to avoid the inevitable.

"Wow, do you know who you look like?"
"Look, please don't say T-Pai-..."

**shudders and walks away**
[Phlip note - I REALLY need to work on my non-verbals]

If not that, it is -- again in the presence of people who are not the same color as me more often than not...

"I been trying to figure out who you look like"

In my mind, my response is...


Seriously? I don't look ANYTHING like my own twin brother.

[Phlip note - and don't try to make parallels THERE either, we know we don't look alike, such is the nature of Fraternal Twins, fuckers]

Damn, if anything, grab at the right straws I look like my uncle Jesse if you had to pick anyone. Family resemblance lends itself to him looking similar to my mama, who looks more than a little bit like their mama.
Best bet might be my cousin Jerome, who looks more like me than anyone on this planet.

[Phlip note - until The Katie and I have a kid, at least]

Seriously, look...
In my world, next to A Tale of 6 Cities, grabbing at straws to "try to figure out who [person] looks like" is one of the most offensive things that I deal with on the regular... In fact, it is in no way endearing. Most times it comes off as patronizing and condescending, dangerously close to the whole "all black people look alike" thing.
Seriously, people, knock that shit off.
Don't talk to me about what famous people I might happen to look like unless I (or someone related to me that I DO look like) somehow manage to become famous one day. Otherwise, you're treading into very dangerous territory and might be killed in the face.


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