Saturday, June 26 2010 -- "no technology day"

[Phlip note - more specifically, no HOME technology day]

I made the decision at 12:34pm on June 23 that on Saturday, I would turn the computer off, update my facebook that I was having a "No Technology Day" -- a day in which I would spend as much time as possible disconnected from my computer and to NOT respond to text messages.
Those who NEED me were instructed to call me and only in case of emergency if then, as I would have no qualms with hanging up on them over some bullshit that could have waited until Sunday.

As per the usual, we DID have the cameras with us today, if only to chronicle what we did do for the day. In the interest of not going stir crazy, we did make a point of leaving the house for a large portion of the day.
And here is how it went...

***Scene 1, 11:16pm Friday night, setting the stage***
Facebook status reads as follows:

"Going to bed now... Tomorrow is a no technology day, computer will be off and no emails/texts will be responded to on Sunday... Only call if there is an emergency."

Damn, the forecast tomorrow is 92° and a chance of scattered thunderstorms... Better pack an umbrella.
Then we put the dogs away and went to bed.

***Scene 2, 07:20am, wakeup time***
Damn right, I don't even sleep in on Saturdays...
Up and at em, into the showers, walk the dogs,
As we had already handled the grocery shopping on Friday, but needed a couple other items with which to make breakfast, so I ran to the Food Lion real quick...

***Scene 3, 09:06am***
Phillip Davis had requested that I help him move his stuff from his apartment to Victorias, as he is moving somewhere near Kenansville due to work. I arrive to the place, truck already loaded and we take and drop the stuff off.
Rinse, repeat.
Rinse, repeat.
And like that, we were done...

***Scene 4, 12:58pm***
I smell like a man in the summer, and not in a good way. Back home, while The Katie finishes bonding with my new baby nephew at Victoria's, I am in the shower...

Once she got home and my ass was clean, with physical labor out of the way, the decision was made that we would go and make use of some coupons I had for Kohl's, in the interest of scoring myself a couple pairs of shorts, since somewhere along the line I discovered myself in a shortage... Tragic for a dude who wears shorts year round.
[Phlip note - Ripped one pair down the back, split 3 pairs on the butt, next to the right back pocket (why I hate carrying a wallet) fucked one pair up with resin from the desk, inexplicable pick-become-hole in the front of a pair of Girbaud Brand X, and then two pairs I just don't like anymore.]

***Scene 5, 14:13pm, ***
Kohl's out of the way, I still have one of those coupons to continue to use until July 5th, and this is me hoping for some birthday cash... We go by the movies and see that Toy Story 3 starts at 14:45, but there is a Benjamin and Gerald's next to the theater... With 30 minutes to kill, we stepped over there and had a cone.
Back to the theater, we were greeted to what is honestly one of the best "part 3" of any movie series I have seen in my almost 31 years... One problem, though, was near the end when Andy was giving his toys to a little girl on his way to college, there was apparently some dust in the theater and some adults might have escaped some tears and my allergies were upset... They might wanna check their HEPA filters.

***Scene 6, 17:10pm, lunch time***
I received my "Birthday Burger" coupon from Red Robin the other day, so that was the scene of the crime for "lunch" today.
Nothing much to talk about here, this is where I have chicken sammich, a couple drinks, get embarrassed by people singing Happy Birthday, some more ice cream and then we bounce.

***Scene 7, 18:30(ish)pm, ***
Michael's Crafts store, looking at picture frames and model cars.
Not terribly impressed with either, we leave empty handed, to my sister's to give my nephew a couple of HotWheels cars and some money for my mama.

***Scene 8, 19:00(ish)pm***
We make a decision to stroll the mall, so as to be in someone else's AC for a little while, all while gathering some shopping ideas for the near future...

***Scene 9, 20:00pm***
I have had enough of the bootleg Ed Hardy shirts, fake sneakers, skinny jeans and plaid shorts, so I cannot be in this mall any longer.
[Phlip note - DAMN, I hate teenagers]

Me - Here, count this...
Katie - 35 Bucks...
Me - Wanna get some Vodka?
Katie - Sure!

We would ride around a little longer, seeing sights we already know of, but really using the time to TALK to one another, as is very valuable to proper interpersonal interaction. Bottle of Vodka secured, we head back to the house at about 21:30.
I had been outside of the house all day, since leaving at about 8:45 with the exception of about 20 minutes to shower and change, and she had been since about an hour after me, with the exeption of coming home to get me, about 5 minutes.

Once home, we opened that bottle and enjoyed it with some juice.
[Phlip note - AYE!!!]

Oh, and we watched Clerks as well.
She took the dogs out once more and we were in the bed by 11:30.

I remained true to my vow to not employ my computer in any means all day, nor was there a single text message responded to all day.
I was up this morning at about 07:20 again, cooking breakfast again. The difference being that TODAY I can deal with this 2,202 unread items in Google Reader.

We had fun yesterday, I will have to make a point of doing this more often.


Tony Grands™ said…
Man, 'Toy Story 3' was a good movie.

However, I think that flying dust scenario doesn't discriminate, location-wise. Either that, or I'm allergic to generic 3D glasses. & to cap that moment of, umm, verklempt, my son decided he wanted to sit alone, in another row, like a big boy. I couldn't even turn to him lovingly (which is good; he may have seen my allergic reaction) & look at him in that annoying way our parents did, which we didn't understand until adulthood.

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