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Baby Name Generator Abuse

I have lost 40 pounds… 60 if you count the 20 I lost immediately when my heart was trying to kill me, but we’ll only count the 40 I lost on purpose. Diet and exercise.  In the sharing of my experience, every Tuesday, I will post a low-carb meal for you.  I have been doing that for most of a year now.  What I DON’T post is that every 6-10 weeks or so, we enjoy a random-ass cheat day.  Only one and we feel horrible the next morning. Where I work, there are THREE private donut shops with some of the best donuts in my state.  Two are owned by Vietnamese cousins and each is about 8 minutes from my job.      One morning on a cheat day, I stopped by one of the Vietnamese ladies to pick some things up for us.  Ahead of us in line was a man with his four kids.  As it was apparently the last day of school  for them, he was treating them and letting them choose. Him:  “Mason?” Kid:  “[donut]” Me:  *thinks*  “Aiden” Him:  “Aiden?” Kid:  “[donut]” Me: *thinks*  “Conn