Baby Name Generator Abuse

I have lost 40 pounds…
60 if you count the 20 I lost immediately when my heart was trying to kill me, but we’ll only count the 40 I lost on purpose.
Diet and exercise.  In the sharing of my experience, every Tuesday, I will post a low-carb meal for you.  I have been doing that for most of a year now.  What I DON’T post is that every 6-10 weeks or so, we enjoy a random-ass cheat day.  Only one and we feel horrible the next morning.
Where I work, there are THREE private donut shops with some of the best donuts in my state.  Two are owned by Vietnamese cousins and each is about 8 minutes from my job.

     One morning on a cheat day, I stopped by one of the Vietnamese ladies to pick some things up for us.  Ahead of us in line was a man with his four kids.  As it was apparently the last day of school  for them, he was treating them and letting them choose.

Him: “Mason?”
Kid: “[donut]”
Me:  *thinks* “Aiden”
Him: “Aiden?”
Kid: “[donut]”
Me: *thinks* “Connor”
Him: “Connor?”
Kid: “[donut]”
Me: *thinks* “This one is a girl…  Chlo--…”
Him: “… Chloe?”
Me: *thinks* “Bet it is with a K”

"Khloe" apparently didn’t know what the fuck she wanted and her indecision jammed up the whole process, which gave me time enough to think of something…


I should not be able to sit and guess the name of the next kid in line, not when there a few billion “regular” names to choose from.  It is almost as if every year people are simply selecting from the most popular baby names and rolling with any of the top 5.

I look forward to REAL cultural appropriation when these people start naming their sons things like Akbar and Mustafa.  Yeah, that sounds like a good enough idea…  “I would like to sign my sons Akbar and Mustafa McKinley up for your soccer program.”
Imagine the surprise on the administration’s faces when they look up and see the whitest kids in America named something OTHER than Hunter, Aiden and Mason.

Let me stop now.


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