Phood Phun With Phlip - Spaghetti Zoodles and Sauce

It should be mentioned that the lady and I are eating right these days, so we employ healthier options for some of our meals.  This is one we've made a staple, or a favorite if you will.  Simple to make, inexpensive and goes a long way.

We're going to do this in action.  Start with a package of sausage from your local Aldi:

Next, dice them up and saute it in your oiled pan:

Stop when it is nicely caramelized, it's a texture thing:

Now for that ground turkey:

Toss it in the same pan your sausages were just in and brown it up, then add the sausage back to the pan:

 Now you pour in the sauce ($1.98) and add your seasonings:

2tbsp Italian Seasoning, 1tsp basil/oregano
1tbsp garlic powder, 1tbsp onion powder
2tbsp minced garlic
1/4 cup grated Parmesan ($1.89)

Everybody in the pool:

Bring the sauce to a light boil, reduce the heat, add salt to taste and get to work on your zucchini noodles ("zoodles").
You can buy these already noodled for $7, or you can get the tool to do it at most stores that sell kitchen gadgets, they are not expensive.  At about $12, it will pay for itself in a few uses.

  You're looking at the results of three zucchini ($2) here:
Spin them out in your spiraller, salt them and put them in a colander under the weight of a sandwich bag full of water.  Saute them in a larger pan than I have used here until they've reached your desired softness and remaining liquid has cooked out.  

Now you can call your wonderful woman from the room to plate it real pretty for you to show off to your friends:

$11.75 spent total, plus a few things that most of us should already have in our kitchens gets you four good-sized servings.  You likely won't have to spend more than an hour total doing this and if your a more responsible adult than I am, then you won't make a huge mess doing it.

As we lose weight, we're cutting carbs so a lot of regular pastas and such have been removed from the houses, we find ourselves after workable replacements and have found zucchini to be that and more.
All told, the sauce comes in at 248 calories with 7g net carbs, 11.3 fat and 24.7 protein per serving.
The zoodles come in at 16cal, 2 carb, 0.3 fat and 1.1 protein for a 3/4-cup serving.

This recipe can be created with beef/pork instead of chicken and turkey, but these options were not in play because I do not eat those things.
Phood Phun will be a work in progress as we find our footing in the posting of our recipes and processes.  We welcome your feedback!


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