Hotep Heroes - Robert Sylvester Kelly

     It seems that R. Kelly has done it again.

Every time he has some music about to come out lately, he seems to find himself mired in some scandal.  Not to say he has music coming out right now, but the industry thing has been surprise albums for the last couple years.  Let's run it down real quick...  Marrying a 15 year-old, peeing on other 15 year-olds on camera, admitting to being illiterate because he never had to learn to read, lord knows what else.

But this latest “scandal” suggests that he at least has kept his mind on his past and is using it to form not only his future, but to create stronger Black family units in that future.
We HEARD your eyes roll at that last sentence, but we think he might be onto something here.  As suggested in a poem a couple of weeks ago, strength in numbers is the foundation for the strong Black family unit.  A strong Black man and as many Black women as that man can handle and please physically.

     Robert Sylvester Kelly is a Hotep Hero.

In this latest thing of his, it is said that he has young girls as young as 16 years old in large properties located in GA and IL, where he “trains” them in the ways of pleasing their man and being humble and subservient, letting him lead.
As disturbing as a 50 year-old man diddling 16 year-olds in his mansions may sound, the unfortunate fact is that it is apparently legal in the states he chose to do this in so we cannot blame him for the laws he is abiding by no matter how creepy this shit is on the surface.  Interviews coming up on the internet in the days since this broke has a couple of these girls suggesting that they are not captive or hostage and are there on their own free will.
Some call that "Stockholm Syndrome" to try to fry another Black man in the media.  Yes, Hugh Hefner has been doing ALL of this shit for more than 45 years but that is beside the point here.

     So let us on the Ankh-Right praise this man for teaching these ladies at a young age to learn to share their man with another beautiful woman and do so graciously.  Call him what he wants to be called in bed (even if not “daddy”), make sure he has a hot meal and a clean house as soon after you get home from work as possible.  Don’t get pregnant until he is ready to and don’t blame HIM if it happens early.

     Stay Woke.  The fake news, Black Twitter and the liberal media have created R. Kelly to be a monster for what is being referred to as a “cult,” but the fact remains that unless he brought these girls in from states where the age of consent is outside of what it is where these compounds actually are then he has committed no crimes and should be praised for the Hotep Hero that he is.
We will celebrate him by playing The Chocolate Factory on repeat all day.


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