Hotep Luv... A Poem for Her (and her and her too)

You and me girl, we’ll be the next big thing.
Plus her and her too, you can all be my queens.

You cook, she cleans and the other can twerk.
I’ll wait home patiently for you all to get home from work.

Loyal sex is safe sex, you’re my only lovers.
With only us four, we won’t need these rubbers.

Join in this royalty and give me your loyalty.
One king and three queens, you all can come spoil me.

One household, three incomes, legacy is gold.
We’ve all tried and failed with others and that shit just got old.

Outsiders will hate our life, they’ll just never get it.
The beautiful black family, they don’t want to be with it.

When it comes time for the kids, our beautiful brown babies.
I want them all at once, no ifs ands or maybes.

I cannot legally marry you and give you all three rings.
Well baby we ain’t Mormon and the laws are a thing.

Besides who wants to take it there?  Lawyers and papers and such.
And then comes the government and that’s just too much.

So I’ve made my play and will wait to hear back.
One king and THREE queens, what’s better than that?


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