Quiz Time... Marmoset Knock You Out

     Okay...  New website, new series…
On Mondays, I will post the results from my Friday riddle/quiz.

I speak fluently in metaphor, sarcasm, humor and symbolism.  That said, I FULLY expect that people might miss some of these.
Down to it…  This week’s riddle was this:

Look, I am not even gonna keep y’all here long.
While I was driving to Atlanta (well…  Conyers) on Memorial Day weekend with my mom and niece, I chuckled.  When she asked what was funny, I could only say “nothing.”
I mean, it’s not like the 3 hours left in the trip was enough to explain the joke.  More importantly, it is not like a joke that needs to be explained in detail is as funny on the recipient as it is on the deliverer.

So in detail…
The compromise for me to have the music I need to drive to and music that she can live with in her Kia for the trip was Sirius XM Fly – formerly known as BackSpin.
Naturally, in the 90s/00s throwback hip hop, we heard “Mama Said Knock You Out” and in my head, I told the story of “wait, a marmoset is only 8 inches tall and 9 ounces if it is HUGE, I am 5’8” and 245...  How the fuck will THAT knock me out?”
For the next three songs after, I was so occupied with being knocked out by a fucking marmoset that I forgot to notice what songs were on.

End of tale…
The answer to the riddle is “Mama Said Knock You Out” and now both of you know the fucked up reason I arrived to this riddle.
Forthcoming weeks will be different.


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