Welcome to CallmePhlip.com... Some houskeeping

     It was brought to my attention Wednesday and again yesterday that a couple of things that I thought were pretty obvious were not so much so…
With that, I will spend a few words this morning explaining them.

1 – I believe in continuity and make a point of supporting it with tags and links back to prior posts or to whatever outside element will clarify a statement.  Links will look like this and will be set to open in a new tab/window so you don't lose your spot in a post.

Tags can be found under every post:

[Note: tags will be both topical and comical, so don’t be alarmed]

2 – Only those who KNOW know what and what not to accept as bare-assed truth, with the exception of food posts.  Remember that I have a jacked up sense of humor and sometimes laugh at real shit and we’re all good.  When you want to come at my neck for supporting R. Kelly (<-- almost="" got="" i="" killed="" me="" one="" that="" twice="">, please consider this point.

3 – No, I will not take my post down.
I will remove pictures, edit a post and/or change things up as necessity dictates, but to this point, I have only ever removed one post and I have and will not explain why I did it.

4 – Share Share Share!!!
… and comment!
The only way I know my audience is pleased is to see my hit counter adding up.  If you laughed, agree/disagree, have feedback or whatever, please comment too!
…  and click on an ad every now and then, I gotta pay for this!

5 – I have a schedule:
Tuesday: Mimi and I will collab on food.  Of late, it will be healthy low-carb fare, but we promise to make interesting and tasty things.  Low-carb does not have to be boring.
Wednesday: Hotep Shit.  Poems, Movie Moments, Hotep Heroes, whatever pops into my head at a given moment when I sit down to the keyboard.
Thursday: True Story©…  This is what brought me back to the blog in September and what drew in my more recent readers.  7:30 every Thursday morning and shared to The BookFace as soon as I am stationary at work.
Anything outside of these prescribed days’ posts will and should be accepted as bonus coverage and might not become a series.

I’m talking too much now.
Thanks to those of you who are here, big thanks to those who have BEEN here and bigger thanks to those who donated to moving to my own domain.

[Note: I am still soliciting PayPal donations for my novel it’s on the left there]

I’ll see y’all (or, y’all will read me) on Tuesday.


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