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Hallloween Mollies

     My previous brushes with DARE [ link 1 ] [ link 2 ] notwithstanding, there is apparently good money in fucking lying to children and gullible parents of children as it relates to the distribution of drugs.      As kids, they told us that the big evil drug dealers’ M.O. was to simply give a kid some drugs to get them hooked, and thereby make them a customer for the rest of their miserable little lives. First of all.  That is a shitty business model… Kids. don’t. have. money. Second of all, who has this kind of work to just GIVE away?  Even on The Wire, they would throw out “testers” in very small amounts only to alert the local paying customers of the quality of the shit they could then buy, but not in quantities that would get them hooked on the first try, which brings me to… … the ONLY drug known to humankind that can prove addictive immediately upon the very first time you have it is pussy. Ask me how I know, I DARE you.      So for the last few years