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In the Kitchen with Phlip - Curry Chicken Pizza Roll

"Curry Chicken Pizza Roll,"  yes I said those words in that order and you didn't wake up from a dream. Since the Bookface is trying hard to make me fat again with all the recipes and ideas people post all the time, sometimes I find myself in position to ape a recipe and turn it into something so different from what it started as that I need not even link what the inspiration was.  This is one of those times. Day One: For this, you will need: The star of today's show, the seasonings: Mix them together (quantities to be discussed below): Let the big spoon there be your guide: 2 heaping spoons of the curry and one small one of the cayenne (cayenne to taste, it is actually optional but I like my curry spicy).  A good hefty dash each of the lemon pepper, onion powder and garlic powder and a light dash of the nutmeg (nutmeg is assertive). Start a roux; enough oil to coat the bottom of a saucepan set to medium/hi heat, and when it is up to temp, two of the