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Mayor Littlefinger

     In 2002, The Wire debuted on HBO. It is, in my opinion, one of the best three television shows of the last twenty years.  Will discuss one of the other two in a minute. Each season of The Wire introduced a new layer of involvement in the inner workings of the Baltimore crime infrastructure that the show detailed the workings of.  Once introduced, each element remained a part of the story for the remainder of the series (except for the sometimes boring season two stuff) . The focus of 2004’s third season of the show was local politicians, including what would become Tommy Carcetti’s bold and unlikely run as a white mayor of a Chocolate City.  Carcetti was introduced in 09/19/20041’s episode “Time After Time” and would appear in 35 total episodes until the very end of the series. An ambitious city councilman who would announce to a sitting mayor that he intended to unseat him before going out and doing JUST that.  A white man in a black city?  You have GOT to admire th