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True Story©… Copycat Killers

       Nothing is original anymore… Let someone you know or follow on social media hit the lotto for a noticeable amount and half their friends list will run out and attempt to do the same. Let someone you know make a noticeable couple of bucks doing something THEY are decent at and some of their acquaintances will be on their heads to try it. I read a story once about where Avaya hired a guy and he decided not to take the job, but they continued to pay him as if he was there for quite a while [ link ] to the tune of over $450k.   At the time I worked across the parking lot from an Avaya facility and would spend almost the entire nine months I worked there applying to work at Avaya.  I am glad I failed in this, because he wound up in court over it.      So of course, we have all watched the news since last Wednesday where some folks over at Reddit decided to pool in and beat some hedge funds at their own game, right?    I will not explain how or why it worked here if you can go Go