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True Story©... The Shit-In

     I am a lover of breasts.  This is documented on the internet. Trust me. No, seriously, trust me. Sunday September 17 th , I--… No, wait…  Did y’all ever catch my piece on about FB Groups?  Here it is , check it out and come back.      Okay.  Sunday September 17 th , I am chilling at the end of my Sunday, slightly dented from family time activities on the one day of the week I really allow myself to do such things keeping in line with weight loss goals.  Dammit, I am careening off topic again.  It is the end of the evening, about 9pm and I am winding down after getting the mini in the bed.  I hops on FB and into one of my favorite groups, which you can infer on the contents of based upon the above-linked 2015 post.      I share an image to the group which MIGHT (or perhaps might not…  we will never know now, will we?) have prominently displayed lady nipples.  THREE SECONDS LATER, like as quickly as the image could have uploaded, my app has go