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Is this what it's come to?

On Monday, as I sat around unhappy about the lack of Basketball programming and REFUSING to weather the vuvuzelas in The World Cup, I was at the computer listening to something. Damned if I could remember what I was doing on the computer. That is neither here nor there, though. I got a text from my friend Brian. Brian: Did u dl the dead prez gangsta grillz Me: Yeah, grabbed it when it leaked last Wednesday, I like it, but I don't love it or anything... I think they are wearing thin on me these days. Brian: Yeah, I got it Brian: I feel you but compared to drake and waka waka its the shit Me: No cosign, I can't pretend something is "great" just because it doesn't suck as much as something else. Brian: But ok music does seem better if the market if flooded with subpar bs. Its like that girl that's a 6 during the school yr that's an 8 during summer school... That last message from Brian was at 22:34, I was not awake much longer on that night. Been bedd

Saturday, June 26 2010 -- "no technology day"

[ Phlip note - more specifically, no HOME technology day] I made the decision at 12:34pm on June 23 that on Saturday, I would turn the computer off, update my facebook that I was having a "No Technology Day" -- a day in which I would spend as much time as possible disconnected from my computer and to NOT respond to text messages. Those who NEED me were instructed to call me and only in case of emergency if then, as I would have no qualms with hanging up on them over some bullshit that could have waited until Sunday. As per the usual, we DID have the cameras with us today, if only to chronicle what we did do for the day. In the interest of not going stir crazy, we did make a point of leaving the house for a large portion of the day. And here is how it went... ***Scene 1, 11:16pm Friday night, setting the stage*** Facebook status reads as follows: "Going to bed now... Tomorrow is a no technology day, computer will be off and no emails/texts will be responded to on Sunda

But, but WHY?!!?

Gonna step on some toes, here... [ Phlip note - don't take it personal] At current, I know/know of at least 5 (but probably more) people who are currently/recently-involved-with, dating or knocked up by persons that fit the description of a "loser." Not that I have any hell to send any of these folk to, but considering these factors... Un/Under-employed Multiple children by multiple women Drug habits (yes, even weed) No ambition Habitually unfaithful Liars ... it is what it is. As I have thought about the situations, I began to attempt to tie down just WHY these situations continue to fester as they have... Do I have it tied down? Hell no! But damned if I don't have an opinion or 20. And that brings us to where we are today. ***1 - Control*** The fact that he does not have a job, or has one that pays like ass because of circumstances all of his own doing leaves him to need a place, a commodity that you may so happen to possess... The feeling, more ofte

Pr0ns, you've failed me again - why porno is not a good sex-ed teacher

Okay, this is the point in time where we should probably be fathering our male children better... Ignoring the undercurrent on FaceBook this past Sunday where there was more praise for women than men on Father's Day ('da fuck?!!?) , and not willing to be blamed for being a homophobe for pointing out that boy children raised ONLY by single mothers tend to come off a bit effeminate, I will deal in fundamentals here. In the opinion of a pr0ns connoisseur... While exploration of the physical mechanics of the whole thing (yes, the in and out of it all, perhaps even some techniques) , it stands to fact that anything beyond -- and sometimes including those -- cause more harm than good. Neverminding how unrealistic ANY pr0ns that you find yourself stealing on the internets buying actually is -- unless you're recording it at home -- pr0ns serves mainly voyeuristic fantasies, that is the need to see someone doing some shit that you couldn't, or wouldn't do at home. Such as?

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 8 -- "Pause"

Previous statements about The Boondocks' third season nothwithstanding, I LOVED this episode. Yes, the jokes were applicable when the episode was obviously written last year, but the BET Generation just will. fucking. NOT. let this Tyler Perry buffoonery die! That being said, the initial moments of the show, prior to the setup to just what was going on, complete with satire of EVERY Tyler Perry movie/play -- complete with Huey explaining EXACTLY how all of them go down (even though I have only witnessed one, God save my soul) -- was CLASSIC to me. With that spot of business out of the way, we were left with Riley and Granddad in an exchange explaining something that I have been TRYING to get people to see for a while now. That would be the fact that if you find yourself HAVING to say "no homo" at the end of every third sentence, then you're apparently not doing an effective enough job of thinking before you speak. One further, if it becomes a habitually occurring ev

Why DO you hate Kobe Bryant?

No exceptions offered here... My major question is why DO people hate Kobe Bryant? 5 Championship rings for the only NBA team I have ever been a fan of. Among the only players that any 'elite' player in the league names in the "who do you want to take the last shot" conversation. That little Colorado kerfuffle? Expensive sneakers? Mimicking Jordan? His wife is not black? He buried your favorite team? At this point, I am LOST on reasons why people claim to dislike Kobe Bryant... For what it is, I am and always have been a Lakers fan. About 2 weeks shy of 31 years old (July 1, paypal link is over on the right). and Magic Johnson IS the reason for my fanship, his tenure matches my BIRTH, so get with it... At this point at current, Kobe is installed as the best Laker to do it, pending points, influence, one more championship and the league logo. I am FINE with the man doing what he does for the team I cheered for before and will cheer for without him... 1 - "rape&quo

Father's day

As a great many of the two of you know, Father's Day is an odd one for me... Damn, this is going to be a tough one to write. For one, we left my pops when I was eleven, and that is not to say that there was much there before that, as far as father son moments even are concerned. Otherwise, I guess there wouldn't have been the need to bounce. Pretty much, he was only there when someone had fucked up and needed an asswhoopin' but I don't particularly recall much beyond that now that I think back, other than learning to punt a football. Complicating things, as far as Father's Days are concerned are near death experiences . So, bookending the whole not having much of a pops thing and damn near dying, I would be inclined to give the praise to my grandfathers on Father's Day. Except one of them passed when I was 4 months old. While I am sure that his remaining may have had a positive change on my own dad and his approach to it, I am only able to offer that as an opini

A champion is crowned

First off, this is me eating crow... And boy was I wrong ... [ Phlip note - twice at that] However, it is not often that I am so pleased to have been incorrect in assessments. In previous posts, I was SURE that this was The LeBrons' year to take that ring, then he would immediately resign in Cleveland without issue. Boy, was I gladly (and hilariously ) wrong about that one. Now, on to the business of things, here. That, my two faithful readers, is what it feels like to be the BACK-TO-BACK champs! Yes, I took shit from all angles on the Facebook and various forums for my undying fanship of the Lakers, up to and including the finals, in which I expected Paul Pierce to famously fake something like a hyperextended gall bladder and go to the locker room only to make a "heroic" return, as he is known to do. Alas, it was not to be for them... I will not say that the taking of this one was without worry. Decisively taking game one was nice, especially with a house full of well-

"Shoppin' in the boys' section"... a conversation

One of the things I do not keep secret to anyone who has seen pictures of me is my height. I have been photographed standing with people of all shapes and sizes and readily tell people that I am 5'8"ish -- all the way true to my sense of extra-averageness... Save for, um... 3 or 4? girls I have dated or otherwise seen in my time, my stated preference is to women who are at most my height or shorter. [ Phlip note - this will be the first time I tip my hand to my answer this early in one of these discussions] Speaking in specifics, the question presented to the Book of Face was as follows: "Question of the day... How much is TOO MUCH of a height difference for a man to be shorter than his woman? " The homie Jason (6'4" by the way) came first with... "If your eyelevel with breasts your girls to tall for anything serious , but she's fair game for diggin fence posts" Next was former coworker Kianna, with... "for me, maybe about 3 inches...i

Nope not buying it...

I know we're witnessing the largest buzz we've seen for an artist in recent memory, but I am just not on the bandwagon... Drake's album drops today and I, like dozens of friends (as discussed on Facebook ad infinium) , caught the leak every bit of a week and a half ago. Unlike most of them, save for two or three, I am just not feeling it, try as I might. Look, I know I am no rapper, but I never claimed to be either. I DO, however, claim to be a bit of a connoisseur, and can readily name why I feel the way I do about things that I do or do not like. As it were, the sing-songy, soft-as-a-bag-of-wet donuts presentation does not appeal to me. Perhaps that is owing to the fact that I was born before 1985 and without a vagina. I thank my parents for both, but that is not the point of this blog. Conversations on sites like go on and on about how many copies the album might sell this week alone. [1] [2] [3] , just to name a few... It is being said that the album is (sm

"You know who you look like?"

Why is it, that whenever a usually white people start talking to/about a usually black person, whether or not -- but most usually when -- that person is in the room, they've already started trying to figure out what OTHER black person(s) that individual looks like? It might not be so bad if this was a once-in-a-while thing, but it is damn near every couple days and when it is on, everything available is applied to the completion of said task... News stories are scoured, every celeb, every little fucking Thing? WHY?!!? It goes in cycles... I'm 5'8" and wear glasses and have a beard and waist-length dreadlocks, so it is often that I avoid even leaving my house to avoid the inevitable. "Wow, do you know who you look like?" "Look, please don't say T-Pai-..." "T-PAIN!!!" "FUCK!!!" **shudders and walks away** [ Phlip note - I REALLY need to work on my non-verbals] If not that, it is -- again in the presenc

"The List"

There are some things that EVERY straight male should make a point of doing before they leave this planet. Some friends I pressed for opinions and myself came up with a short list... Not one to care if I am called a homophobe, the fact remains that we can only write this list from the point(s) of view of heterosexual men, while a lot of these will be applicable to more than just that group. These will be in no particular order. #1 - Visit a country in which you do not live... This is not and does not have to be a terribly expensive proposition. Visit another country at least once. Be it Europe or Japan (should your money be big enough), Canada, Mexico, etc... Wherever! Experience that at least one time (or more). You will find that the world outside of your own set of personal experiences presents a multitude of new interests for you to take in. What, with the advent of and sites of their ilk, not to mention that any travel agent worth their salt should be able to

"Give up the goods"... a conversation

Yeah, digging through my RSS feeds this morning, I happened upon a post on a friend's blog about Stacy Dash talking about how each of her 3 failed marriages went down. [ Phlip note - we're talking about Stacy fucking Dash here... I am thinking these dudes are borderline zesty for allowing themselves to fuck that up] AnyStacyDashDaydreamingway, I thought about a question of the day as a result of the otherwise short post. I knew my opinion on the whole thing already. But these conversations, as they were, are a solicitation of opinions to get some discourse in the air about the things that we might all think about, but don't quite know how or where to begin talking about. The question was posted on Friday as... "Question of the day... Does sex on the first date make for a relationship or a jumpoff agreement?" I would then sit back and attempt to get some work done on my shortened day while the people discussed it. First respondent was light-skinnded Brandon's