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Phlip's 2010 NFL Post

While I like Football more than we've all read that I do baseball , I am absolutely not the standard rabid meathead fan that seems to rear their ugly heads this time of year. That being said, if you're for looking for something as in-depth and knowledgeable as my Basketball Posts , you should probably leave now. Something about a sport where this guy has a chance seems a bit less than wholly enjoyable to me. "BEEFCAAAAAAAKE!!!!" I understand that any sport that employs up to 10 or more of what could be construed as "fat dudes" on the field at any given time makes the average American feel as if he is witnessing something that he might have a realistic chance at doing, further endearing himself to it, but I just ain't feeling it like that. Don't get me wrong, now, I like Football just fine. I just prefer to watch a sport with less stop-and-go to it, so give me basketball any day. That being said, don't look for me to have spent time understa

"I'm not [...], but..."

Maybe it's just me, but I am being inundated lately with a mountain of "I'm not [item], but..." followed by completion of a sentence -- or omission of what SHOULD complete the sentence -- that would better serve to show that the individual speaking is exactly what they beckon you to believe they're not . Therein lies the power of the otherwise diminutive word "but." [ Phlip note - not to be confused with the immense power that a Big Butt and a Smile obviously holds, but that is another blog for another time] A 3-letter, 1-syllable word can change the meaning and course of everything spoken before it. Seems quite powerful to me. F'rinstance... "Now, I'm not racist, but I totally agree with the law in Arizona, if someone would have done this before, all these Mexicans wouldn't be a problem now " See, now... If you were so sure in your conviction that you weren't a racist, you might have done yourself the service of not fol

Perhaps Justin Bieber ain't Nothin to F*ck Wit?

I knew when Clifford Smith (not to be confused with the OTHER famous Clifford Smith ) let the powers that be coerce talk him into letting Diddy Executive Produce Tical O: The Prequel that the “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ to Fuck With” days were FAAAAAR behind us. Neverminding even the fact that the album – and the one before it – were just plain bad anyway. That assessment, strangely enough, applied to all members releasing albums as well. Things had reached the point where the once-juggernaut had reached a stale point in their careers. [ Phlip note – all except for Ol Dirty and Ghostface to a lesser extent, but let us not go there on this post] Anyway… What with Method Man’s digression, RZA’s realization that there was bigger money in television and movies (yes, even scoring them) than in rap, the deluge of wholly forgettable albums from literally EVERY member of the brood, be they “main” (the ones with names we care to remember) or satellite members/factions, Wu-Tang had be

The internets is making me hate my car...

Look, I know it is not some top-end Italian hypercar with an unpronouncable name, but it is what I chose to own and will continue to at that... no I was not cinderblocked, my wheels are black Not that anything is wrong with my car, but I am getting kinda tired of it... Stiff ride, loud as fuck exhaust and all the creaks and groans that come in a 21 year-old sporty coupe. "Dude, you should sell me your car!" or "man, do you drift that thing?" every single fucking time I go to the mall between the months of March and October and fall to eyeshot of the first available 16-24 year-old... 100ยบ NC Summers with no Air Conditioning… Squirrelly ride in the rain, even with great tires… Fuggin TREACHEROUS ride in icy conditions, to the point where I have laid out of work so as to actually live to tell about it… Little ticky-tack shit like Idle Air Control Valve causing a funny idle and dropping another fuel injector what seems like every 6 months… I am

Happy 45th, Blastmaster!

In honor of KRS-ONE's 45th birthday, I am digging into the archives for a repost from 10/15/2009 ... Call it a "dick move" and I am unlikely to deny it. Conversing with Roger one day last week year, we came to a realization here about some of the "pioneers" of hip hop. One in particular. Lawrence "KRS-One" Parker is a pretentious and self-righteous bastard sometimes. And by "sometimes," I mean "damn near every time he opens his mouth." For all his "Temple of Hip Hop" pseudo-religion talk and popping up to hate on whomever is popular at a given time -- blatantly or indirectly -- I find it odd that someone who has been "in the industry" since 1980, almost 30 years now, only has 14 (mostly shitty) solo albums released since. Strange, that, when one considers the number of people whose careers who have begun SINCE then who have almost matched that output with WAY more consistent results. One might think

"History Issues"... a conversation

This one came from the suggestion of The Katie... Last night, when she came in from work, she started -- before even addressing the dogs – “hey, I have an idea for a question of the day.” I think she had heard it on the radio or somewhere between work, class and then home. At first I was not sure about it, but when I got here this morning, I decided that such a discussion might help the day along, I logged into the Book of Face from my communications device on the way in to work and asked… “Question of the day… How many prior partners/relationships is too many?” I thought, knowing what I know about my friends on the Book of Face, that this would be a damned interesting conversation. By the time I was seated at my desk, I had my first response from high school classmate, Tim, with… "Don't ask don't tell no one really wants to know and if you do tell they think your lying so keep it on the hush " Next respondent was former coworker, Ulrica with… "Lol!

In the kitchen with Phlip -- FRITTERS!!!

I just noticed on the way to work this morning that I have not cooked and posted for quite a while now. Over the otherwise busy weekend, I picked up a couple pounds of shrimp and thought about the crab cakes I'd had at Ruby Tuesday a while back, and devised that there was no way in hell that making a similar seafood fritter of my own would be terribly difficult. I don't know what to call what I have planned out here, since I am not frying it, I can't exactly call it a "fritter," and witty names have escaped me of late. First thing's first... The reason why I hadn't been posting my cooking as much as normal; I been busy as FUCK this summer, what with a constant rainy presence mandating that I cut my yard at least once weekly, getting engaged and generally having a good time with my woman outside of the house among other things. I still cook about 3 times a week -- yielding enough leftovers to make up for the remainder -- but it is generally usually somethi

"Chivalry vs. Recession"... a conversation

At some point during my upbringing with a mostly-absent pops, I was left to hearsay or observation of what could be construed as overly slightly matriarchal (read: woman-centric) standards of how dating works… A blog for another time would include how such an accepted approach to dating is what killed parity in relationships, and with it chivalry. Luckily, my two readers, this blog is not about that. One of the things, though, that I specifically recall reading, seeing or hearing time and time again before I ever went on my first date was that it was tacky and/or cheap for a dude to use a coupon on a date with a chick, especially the first date. Being that I am 31 years of age now, we can know that bit of information was received in the early to mid 90’s. Applying to the here and now, with major changes in how things are carried in general, what with the change in employment circumstances as it relates to men and women and not to forget the recession that Obama currently has us embroi

Funny images day


It ain't where you from...

I have come to this odd conclusion that far too often people who move to places other than where they were born and/or raised – “raised” taken to mean the spending of some formative years – express a hard time being where they’ve chosen to ultimately wind up in their lives. As ever with the things I observe, this is not an absolute to be taken as ‘every motherfucker to move away from home’ so much as it is ‘damn near every motherfucker to move away from home and be compelled to talk about it out loud,’ there is a difference… There really is no problem with being proud of or happy for where you originated, but if your conversation is bordering disrespect for where you are situated, or where you’ve been – hell, sometimes even places you will never even fuckin' go – then you have some issues to be conquered before being allowed to play with the adult folks, sorry to break it to you. Not to promote stereotypes or preconceived notions – no fuck it, that is exactly what I will do – bu

You too can be famous, little girl... Talent no longer required

It seems that pr0ns is the new preferred means to getting one’s foot in the door these days… In the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed the black/Russian girl from For the Love of Ray J (don’t judge me) not only make her pr0ns DEBUT in a rather uninspiring scene on BangBros, but she has also come back for more. I was so unimpressed with the first one that I have not bothered with watching the second as of yet. I should have been worried about the name she allows herself to be called in her new career, but I am less than surprised after she let that ignant-ass Ray J call her “Caviar” because ‘um… don’t they eat caviar in Russia?’ according to him. There again, she let some cornball-ass (by looks and actions, mind you) dude who calls himself “Chicago Larry” pimp her into going onto the show in the first place, and neither was good enough to keep their cover from being blown, so perhaps she isn’t too bright. Not that she is an unattractive girl in the least, as an as-Googled i

August Fool's Day

Well, here we are, August Fool's Day, and before I strike out into the Sunday world completely surprising people with August Fool's jokes (and perhaps having to kick an ass for 12), I decided that I would share with you two my general schedule for the month.