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True Story©... Better Traphouses and Bandos

      Life is fucking hilarious sometimes… Back on 05/20, I was invited into a one on one with my manager and HER manager and informed that I was being furloughed on 05/26 and that it would last until 08/30.      The way things were in play with unemployment eligibility and leave time payout, things were not framed to be as bad as one might have thought they should be.   I ain’t living like that though.   I know two speeds: “control” and “motherfucking panic.”   That said, I was NOT prepared to do anything short of wilding the fuck out.      I finished the week and collected my holiday pay for Memorial Day, then came the panic.   I woke every day at my normal time, made my omelet and sat down to the computer and hopped on the Google machine to see if I could locate the name of someone who could put me in the direction of generating some income doing something I know how to do.   That said, I miraculously found myself with the contact information of a couple of television

True Story©... Back on the Hunt

     Life is hard these days… Y’all recall clearly back in October when I was fired over titties and not ONE of you came to my aide? [ link ] Well, I have been trying with all I can to come up with SOMETHING to do for money in the in-between and still getting no assistance from any of my readers, but somehow I have managed to make due.      Well I finally got an interview! After 3 months now of throwing my resumé EVERYWHERE I thought it would stick, I finally earned myself a call back from a company not far from my house.  That would be a plus, compared to the 23+ mile commute I had been up against for the previous several years.      Nerves dragged me out of my bed last week at 5am, I showered and brushed my hair, ironed my clothes, brushed up on rehearsed interview responses front-loaded on me by my lady.  The interview was set for 8:30am, which gave me time to drop my daughter off at school and show up to the interview approximately ten minutes early prepared for

True Story©... Santa's Day Job

     Let’s be honest here, it’s 2017… Santa’s business model is about as feasible and sustainable as congress would have us to believe that trickle-down economics is.  That is to say, a fucking fairy tale.      Perhaps there was a time in history where “give all the kids in the world presents” was all fine and cool.  As Japan and China gadgetized the whole world, though, the cost of development and manufacturing became quite a weight on the fat man’s shoulders.  Bear in mind that he had to continue to pay for the sustenance of his elves and reindeer – not to mention  Rudolph’s rehab fees  – it only made sense that he would need to take on a day job of some sort for the other 364 days of the year if this is to work at all.      Back in the 4 th  century, the original Saint Nicholas would give gifts to the poor – especially poor girls so they could have something as a dowry and remain worthy of marrying by not becoming prostitutes for money – as one might expect a Bishop wh

True Story© Fund Raising

     Social media ruins lives… No, really!  We say and do things on Facebook and Twitter that we would NEVER say out in the world and especially not in mixed company.  Sure, people are quick to brag how real they are in real life, but these are undeniable facts, you just NEVER are as much of what you claim, or perhaps even think you are on the social networks.      So what does this have to do with anything? Thanks for asking!      Friday morning, I got to work.  Got my coffee together, ate my breakfast and settled in at my desk with my music player and earbuds.  I’m listening to my music, minding my own business.  Hard nipples on a cool fall morning A coworker comes to my desk to small talk, hell it’s Friday – payday even.  I guess I will play along a bit. Hard nipples  Coworker: “What’s up, Phillip?” Me: “Not a lot, getting in here about to knock this day out and roll on for the weekend.” HN CW: “Any plans?” Me: “Nah, I been busy as heck all month, I am goi