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Phood Phun with Phlip... PIZZA NIGHT

     Honestly, this meal came from a mistake… Wait, put a pin in that, we will come back to that.      We spend a lot of time on Google looking for carb-friendly recipes and spins on things that normal people want to eat.  One that had frequently escaped us was pizza.  We were having to wait on full-on cheat days to enjoy pizza. One day, we said “NO MORE!!!” and went out and found a recipe for pizza crust involving ingredients more friendly to people who are avoiding carbs. To top it off, it is pretty easy to make. First, you will need the supplies: 1/3 cup each grated Parmesan, Almond Flour and Coconut Flour. 1tbsp cream cheese 1 cup shredded white Italian cheese (really, shredded cheese of your choosing) 1 large egg Forming the crust: Mix together the cream cheese and shredded cheese. Microwave in 15 second intervals until all melted (this will vary by cheese).  Once all melted, mix in the egg. It’s going to look weird but stay with me.