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Black Panther; Everything I Expected

     If you sat around all weekend saying “what’s the big deal?” or drawing Straw Man arguments about Blade, Spawn, Catwoman (lmao) , or whatever other black comic superhero you could pull out of your ass then you either just don’t get it or were a huge part of the problem in general. Black Panther was everything! The images were beautiful, the costumes were wonderful (and apparently contained coded messages themselves), the casting was par excellence, and the action was beyond engrossing.      But see the above-displayed image I cribbed from a buddy’s FB with her permission… Black boys got to see people who looked like them as warriors and strong royal family members.  Black girls got to see themselves represented as an even STRONGER group of warriors and not harlots.  The young lady above took her daughter to the movie and the first thing she said was “look mommy, they have hair like mine!”  Representation is SUPER important, the power of seeing yourself in something po