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Playing Outside

I used to think that the border lines on the map were actually PHYSICALLY out there in the world.  I was confused as fuck when we would travel and I DIDN’T see them. In the summers while mom was at work, we would walk to another neighborhood in the city with a few friends from ours and meet them to play against them in football, or basketball, or baseball…  Or all THREE.  Sometimes we would do it as close to the nearest city park available, so as to score free lunch at the same time. Also in the summers, when mom was home – and usually already gone off to bed – we’d have these EPIC games of hide and seek wherein the whole ass neighborhood was available as a running surface.  It was nothing for a single round to last an hour and see someone running all the way from Douglas Park to MLK, through people’s yard and jumping fences and shit.  We had this garage with storage space upstairs, we’d hide in the rafters and jump out the windows, on top of the neighbor’s garage and roofs