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"Paging Sadie Hawkins"... a conversation

Sadie Hawkins . Read for continuity, then continue. Disclosure: On Saturday night after Katie got off of work, she asked me if I wanted to go out and get something to eat (more on the details on this during my answer at the end) and the encounter found us in IHOP... While there, we witnessed a dude and a chick, obviously on a date -- which appeared to be their first -- who had been seated and had drinks and menus in hand when we even arrived. We get our drinks and order our food, they're still mumbling over the menu. Then it happened... The server came to refill our drinks and see about taking their order, and the dude asks, pointing at the menu on each item "well, how big is that? you think it's about big enough for 2 people?" quite obviously negotiating with his "date" over the split of a meal to save dough. They wound up getting their food to go (presumably to avoid leaving a tip) and leaving. On the way out, he asked for SOMETHING that t

History lessons...

What the two of you may or may not know about me is that I have an extensive military service record... Korea? 4 tours... Cuban Missile Crisis I was there... Vietnam? 2 tours... Desert Storm? In the building... Somalia? Damn skrate... Serbia/Kosovo? I had retired, but was called in on a special force to kick some ass without even having to take names... Afghanistan/Iraq 2.0? Ufck that, I refused... The most fond of my four tours of Korea would have to be the last one... Summer 1952, two weeks prior to my negative 47th birthday, I invented a method with which our defenses were so impregnable, even in the cover of night and sometimes rain, that the war would shift in our favor until 1953's cease fire. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a weird one for me, I bumped into a claimed-claivoyant lady named Sanchez, whose first name I have since forgotten who used to tell me all kinds of random facts about my future romantic endeavors. At the time, given my very young age of negative 17

Yes, I waited

Unless you live under a rock or have Baseball's boring-ass head jammed up your ass since the end of the NBA season, you might have missed that this is allegedly the biggest summer of transactions in the NBA. The crown jewel of this whole situation, despite my dislike of the kid personally, is LeBron James. True to my reasoning for not liking him, he hammed the spotlight, wasted peoples' time and threw ufcking press conferences and isht. As per usual, the Knicks wasted money they probably shouldn't have and will be no better for it. Boston struck first with their long-time star Paul Pierce opting out of his final year and taking a little less money than he could have demanded. As much as I dislike him for being a douche in general, I respect his having done so. It remains to be seen what they will do to make their situation better via trades and other non-megastar free agents, seeing as how they didn't save enough to secure one of them. Toronto gave Ahmir Johnson,

See you on the other side...

My birthday just (technically) ended, but I will have to return to work this morning. Then it will be the weekend. See the two of you next week sometime, I will be perfecting the best-applied binge drinking technique at the party Sunday, then paying for it chilling at home on Monday, so don't expect to see anything at least until I return to work on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

What a difference 11,323 days makes

As of the moment that this post will go live, I am now 31 years old. With leap years of 1980, 84, 88, 92, 96, 2000, 04 and 08, that is Eleven Thousand, Three Hundred Twenty-Three days in those 31 full trips around the sun. In that time, I have learned a great many things, gained and lost a great many things and people and importantly take from it a great many lessons. I guess I have my parents to thank here as well. I thank my dad for giving me a clear and concise portrait of how NOT to deal any children I should so happen to sire. I thank my mom for doing as best she could with what she was given. I thank the three of my grandparents who were alive to help raise me where pops just wouldn't, even when we were with him or when my moms just couldn't because of the hand we were dealt. I thank my late grandfather for the life lessons a man should impart on a growing boy, in the absence of the normally necessary father figure. I thank my moms especially for allowing us the chance