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General fatassery

I know I said I was planning on not posting, but I specifically spoke to the fact that I was not promising that... Well, I was swayed by a bout with boredom and an article that popped up on MSN while I stewed today over how much my job hates me... You know what? I am actually giddy over the coming of the State Fair again, even though it is still 6 months out yet. After the fun we had last time and considering that it had been about 15-20 years or so since I had been before that, I have found myself on the Googles looking for dates on when it would be back and if I can't tide myself over, where I could go in the meantime within roughly 1-2 hours of my house. Not to be around the large number of beautiful North Carolinian people, because perusal of that last one would would serve indication that fair folks don't often fit that description... The reason, then? FOOD!!! I know that -- save for a recent flare up in my asthma that has caused me a visit and a followup to my primary c

Not that anyone might notice or particularly care...

... but I PLAN on taking the rest of the month off for the blog. Again, while I am the Best Blogger Alive , I've yet to gather an enormous following outside of those who either know/know of me or have similar interests to my own. I think I was at 21 subscribers, according to my RSS reader offering me the honor of subscribing to my own blog, as if I wasn't the only one writing on the damned thing. In so much, I don't toot my own horn, or make myself out to be more than the nihilist drunkard asshole with an offensively incorrigible set of opinions. Oops, shit happens. The shit that has happened, though, has led me to not be particularly thrown off that a few days of my silliness on Blogger will not be missed. So don't send suicide watch to my house, I don't have any loose razors, as I do not use them and completely and totally lack the wherewithal to want to bring ill upon myself, no matter how much insurance money it might bring my family, under some certain circums

Italian Automotive Pr0ns -- De Tomaso Pantera

Here is something that none of you know about me... When I was younger, I thought I could draw. My images drawn almost always involved basketball and cars (any surprises there?) , maybe shoes here and there. I guess no one ever actually changes, as much as simply becoming more of what they already were. Fact of the matter, though is that I sucked as an artist, so at some point around high school I discovered titties and fell the rest of the way in love with Hip Hop, then destroyed all evidence of the "drawing" phase in my life. Fire lends a certain and very necessary finality to these things, no embarrassing things to pop up 15-20 years later and make me have to kill someone, then stash them in my granny's deep freezer for 3 days, then put them through a wood chipper and use them as fertilizer in my yard... Oh shit, un-read that last couple of sentences, please. Anyoldserialmurderist ways, as these things go, the cars were usually very swoopy and angular, as to suggest th