This (well, last) Week in Sporting news...

NFL is gearing up for Draft Day and teams are feverishly releasing and signing players who already are and/or have been in the league for a while...
And the Will he - Won't he Brett Favre drama rears its ugly head yet again.
... and Ben Roethlisberger allegedly inserting his penis in an unauthorized manner into someone's recently post-teenage daughter.
[Phlip note - put a pin in that one, I am coming back to it]

The NBA is in the post-All Star lull just following trade deadlines, where players pay actual acknowledgment and medical attention to any injuries to prepare themselves for either the post season or next season, dependent upon whether or not they will even BE in the playoffs next year. We also see players posturing to shore up their stats, or make last-ditch efforts to make their names as huge as possible in hopes of windfall monetary gains in the offseason, if not directly through a free agent contract, then by any means necessary, word to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. One person in particular started this mess sometime near the beginning of the season and I hate that it took me this long to speak no it, but I am partially glad I did in the name of additional information since provided.
[Phlip note - put a pin in that one too, I will ALSO be coming back to it]

Major League Baseball is gearing up -- amid a climate where steroids talk about baseball players is more engrossing than BASEBALL talk about baseball players -- for a too-fucking-long season with a too-fucking long preseason.
Seriously, they would work in some or all of my changes to the game, they MIGHT be more interesting than a 3-sentence entry in this post. On the other side of that, though, we're still saddled with just how badly baseball sucks in total.

Professional hockey returns from the Winter Olympics break just in time for the American public en masse to continue to ignore it when compared to any other professional sport other than soccer.

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On Ben Roethlisberger...
Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger was apparently celebrating his March 2 birthday on March 5 in GA, where he can afford to own property, being that he is FROM Ohio and WORKS in Pennsylvania. Kids who are a little redneck-y tend to do such things. People are more apt to ignore things like mullets and such when you come down south.
Just sayin'.
Anyway, my thing is that this motherfucker JUST caught a beef in Lake Tahoe back in July over a somewhat similar situation. As I understand it, though, the first time was more like Kobe Bryant's, where the chick came up to the room and got her back blowed out, then realized she had smashed a Superbowl quarterback bachelor and saw dollar signs and went in on the sexual assault thing. Just like those bitches (applicable to my opinion of them personally, not women in general) who got Tupac and Mike Tyson sent up, she preyed on the fact that entertainers and athletes find it more monetarily feasible to lawyer up, then throw money at the problem to make it go away than it is to TRY fighting the shit when the court is already set up against them on the strangely off chance that a chick actually PRESENTS sexual assault charges criminally.
I think the number is that like 60% NEVER go reported. This is even with good hard evidence in hand, AND the fact that there are innocent dudes sitting in jail now because they couldn't afford a lawyer who was not working for the defense under the guise of a "public defender," being paid to railroad him into whatever the DA told him to give his client if he wants to keep his otherwise shitty job. I am no expert on the subject and have never felt the urge or need to TAKE any pussy in my lifetime, not when it is so easy to procure through legal means. Or even ILLEGAL means without having to take it.
Strange that I should be able to say that, being that I am just a regular dude who makes enough to pay for my house and my bills.

That much being said, I don't think that Kobe, Tupac, Mike Tyson, OR Ben Roethlisberger are guilty of rape, and I am only fans of Kobe and Mike.
To their respective credits, we heard NOTHING of repeat offenses at the hands of Mike Tyson, Tupac Shakur or Kobe Bryant. Apparently a 7-figure payout or a year in jail for not having done anything illegal teaches one a lesson. The fact that Tupac was dead within a year of his prison release should not be bothered with for this application.

Which brings me to my OJ Theory:
OJ Simpson is like the dumbest motherfucker breathing.
Why, you ask?
The way I see it, no one apparently knows what happened what happened on June 12th, 1994 but OJ Simpson, 2 people who are now dead and a dog that apparently was not good enough a witness to secure a conviction. In the court of public opinion, as well as an actually-recognized civil court -- and evidenced by the karmic comeuppance served in the continued ruin of his life in general -- OJ Simpson was a guilty man, even if only in the same manner that Rae Carruth is, by having put it in motion. In fact, we will take the Carruth thing and offer up the fact that the ignorant motherfucker spit in the face of his blessings as well.
Anyway... Unlike Carruth or damn near any other black dude before or since, OJ was a free man in the face of CERTAIN conviction.
Put me in that man's shoes, I would go my ass back to Florida where I am paid handsomely from my NFL Pension that cannot be touched in a civil judgment, I lay low, TRY to make some money off of my likeness in the area and I will eventually die like everyone does. I do this, and all things, on the PROPER side of the law now that I know that 80% or more of white America who knows my name hates my face and ITCH for the chance to put my ass in jail for ANYTHING since I was allowed to escape that shit the first time around. Any clear thinking individual would have been a MODEL fucking citizen, playing in golf tournaments and promoting The Naked Gun on Ice (no, that does not exist, but it should).
You can't tell an ignorant person that shit stinks, fire burns and that I am a better human being for never having seen the movie Precious. So he comes up with a hair-brained plan to rob a hotel room for memorabilia. Neverminding, now, that the merchandise at hand was allegedly and probably his and was taken from him, he employed illegal means including the use of arms, coercion and kidnapping to get it back. In that we're on the streets, two wrongs does not a right make.
[Phlip note - 3 rights makes a left, though]
Because of this, Orenthal James and his failure to see just how good he had it will now see him in jail for the rest of his life. Yes, the sentencing was heavyhanded based upon offenses and it was probably less than correct for them to consider the whole of his body of work when sentencing, but there again, he should have thought about that shit before.

What does this have to do with Roethlisberger?
Thanks for asking!

Apparently the boy has a drinking problem or something, to forget some shit that had happened to him just 7ish months prior. When you catch ONE sexual assault allegation, YOU STOP FUCKING GROUPIES!!! Professional athletes don't get married for love, they marry for convenience and avoidance of legal issues down the road. This is one of those times where it might serve Big Ben well to find some chick from his middle school and wife up swiftly, because his wayward dick will be his undoing if the testing on this girl indicates that he might be a pussy crook.
I am not assuming innocence or guilt, seeing that one is only as guilty as their money can prove, I am just saying the boy should know better than to keep putting himself into these positions.
And all because the alcohol eroded his memory. If his name were Adam 'Pacman' Jones or played a different position, he would already be suspended by Goodell for at least a quarter of the year on this being the second such allegation. But to preserve the whiteness of the quarterback position and not throw the tables off in the league -- lest someone have to lend Michael Vick some value in the trade market -- he will sit this one out and pray he lawyers up properly enough to avoid criminal charges.

It's a motherfucking shame...

On LeBron James...
LeBron Raymone James Sr. entered the NBA touted as the possibility as the second coming... He had Magic Johnson's size and speed with a large part of Jordan's skillset sprinkled in and still in the works. A superstar at the age of 16 or 17... When fully realized, he would be a fucking DANGEROUS individual to be up against.
He entered the league with lofty goals -- to be the world's first billionaire athlete -- and even loftier expectations and challenges. He was to take a Cleveland Cavaliers that had alternated first-round playoff exits with pwnage at the hands of the Chicago Bulls in Mike's prime with a 7-year playoff-missing followup. Team tanks a season to up their chances at getting him and magically, they did. Homegrown superstar plays for a team 30 minutes from where he was born and was to save the franchise.
To his credit (so you won't think I am hating on LeBron, even if I am), he did it too... 18-game turnaround, and Rookie of the Year honors. Then another 5-games tacked on in a stronger-than-now eastern conference and now they're up to 42 wins in a season. From 17 wins to 50 in a 3-season backswing on the next season saw them into the playoffs. A newly weakened Eastern Conference saw them blow through the playoffs at large only to be killt in the finals by the Spurs, but I will not wholly blame that on LeBron, since he was the ONLY option on the team and had no fucking clue what to do when up against a real challenge, having been a man among boys literally his whole life.
Follow that with a foregone conclusion of EVERYONE losing to the Celtics, but at least he was in the series...
[Phlip note - as a Lakers fan, it pains me to have to say that]
Follow THAT with the foregone conclusion of EVERY losing to the Lakers the next year...

Rewind back into both of those seasons. LeBron had turned the corner, improving on SOME of the raps on him, his shooting somewhat more consistent, but still leaving something desired for someone who spends so much time with the ball, his court vision is stellar, though mine would b too if I was 6'8" and defended by people 2 or more inches shorter than me if I played fully extended at most times. Most importantly, though, he was in the MVP conversation and deservedly so, since his team was winning the games they were supposed to win, as well as most of the ones they were supposed to lose.
The problem is that he has yet to do it when it matters most. Sure, he dances on the sidelines in 30-point blowouts against the fucking Bulls. Sure, he hints that he would be in the Slam Dunk Contest -- which he would surely win on name alone -- but reneges every time. Sure, he scores a metric ton of points and a short ton of assists, but in end-game situations, or even in mid-game when he needs to be thinking better than he usually does, he makes bad decisions and (sometimes, okay most of the time) superheroes his way out of it.
That last paragraph is not his fault, though... LeBron James has not had a serviceable coach since arriving to the NBA, his entire body of successes have been on his own massive (no homeaux) shoulders. Paul Silas -- who committed to LOSING to even get him -- for 2.5ish seasons, then Mike Brown -- who only got the job on the strength of being butt buddies with the GM -- since then. Mike Brown, though, comes from a defense first coaching tree from Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, but ironically lacks those facilities as a coach. He also comes from the concept of team EVERYTHING from the same roots, but abandoned that too. Everything is "watch LeBron and let the King Save us," and it KIND OF works, just not all the time.
Again, not all LeBron's fault beyond his continued acceptance of such a dummy mission when anyone can see that HE is calling the shots on the team, not Mike Brown.

This jersey number change shit is asinine, and suggests a lack of respect for the whole of history on the part of the boy. Granted, he was apparently never raised to have to stop and think about such things, but one would hope that an individual gives themselves a crash course before talking out of his ass... At the beginning of the season, LeBron suggested that he intended to -- and that everyone else should as well -- stop wearing #23 as a tribute to Michael Jordan.
Blogs, sports shows, message boards and all such were abuzz over it. Some were in support of it, but most saw it for what it was, a slippery slope that needed not be approached. Including Mike himself. What, then about those who came before and paved the way for Jordan? Gervin, Oscar Robertson, Kareem, Magic, Dr. J, Bill Russell?
[Phlip note - put a pin in 2 of those, they will be on the pop quiz]
Does LeBron possess, what with what is probably only 2 real years of high school education under him and a lack of handlers enough to allow him to father 3 kids with a chick that he has not yet shared his last name?
An NBA player looking to change numbers has to petition the league to do so by a certain period in the season before they're to make that change, I would bet this rule has a lot to do with the Jordan 23-to-45 move mid-season following a "retirement," but fact is that it exists... As with any player of his stature and profile, any such a move, no matter how clandestine it would be to anyone else, was immediately leaked to the media.
Oh, the number?
That would be #6...
[Phlip note - remove that pin now]
Know who else wore that number?

Most importantly, Bill Russell:

Julius "Dr. J' Erving:

Patrick Ewing:

... and a fuck-ton of other players who no one would know if I could be bothered to name following that Google search I just did.
Those first two, though, should serve as reason enough to leave it as it is. I mean, f'rinstance, Jackie Robinson was the first black player in the Major League, which was a huge move when one considers that women's professional leagues were born as a part of "operation keep out the darkies" when all the MLB players were getting drafted. In such, his number is and SHOULD be retired in his sport.
Michael Jordan, while yes having changed the way the game is currently played, broke none of the barriers that Bill Russell did, in fact only keyed on the mold set by Dr. J, George Gervin and Oscar Robinson. That being said, let us retire all of their numbers as well.
I mean, the way to fully validate the non-use of the number MIGHT be Wayman Tisdale -- who also wore number 23 before Jordan fully put the desirability on it -- whose playing career and life were cut short by his illness.
That would, though, require to THINK in terms that doesn't involve dollars and cents, while continuing to talk blindly of nostalgia that he has never had to feel. He knew when he started to play that he wanted to be like Mike, so came the shoes, the jersey number, the high profile and shoes of his own, not to mention the ego... Too bad he doesn't have handlers to talk for him, or at least tell him what he should be saying.

What can I say?
I guess this can all be described as an inflation on the price of fame, and the detriment that a swift rise can put upon anyone... We have 2 individuals who before the age of 25 were mentioned at the tops of their professions while apparently never having been allowed the chance(s) to stop and grow the fuck up or even learn (or become jaded by) the things that us commoners take as standard.

How many former child stars have died within the last couple of months?

Goes to show that it is the gift and the curse, I guess.


Tony Grands™ said…
Good breakdown of the Lebron situation. I try not to give him a hard time, because he sort of reminds me of the Cavs guard...can't think of his name, but he's kinda slow. Said he'd follow Lebron wherever he goes. Anywho, that's what happens when we is virtually manufactured for basketball. Lack of maturation, & minimal cognizance in regards to "normal" thinking. Then you get obscure idoltry & baby picture banishment. Dwight Howard comes to mind. I love these guys who are so Christian, wear their feligious practices as much, if not more so than their uniforms, yet go on record scolding their baby momma's for whatever. Contradiction @ it's finest.


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