Italian Automotive Pr0ns -- De Tomaso Pantera

Here is something that none of you know about me...
When I was younger, I thought I could draw.
My images drawn almost always involved basketball and cars (any surprises there?), maybe shoes here and there. I guess no one ever actually changes, as much as simply becoming more of what they already were.
Fact of the matter, though is that I sucked as an artist, so at some point around high school I discovered titties and fell the rest of the way in love with Hip Hop, then destroyed all evidence of the "drawing" phase in my life. Fire lends a certain and very necessary finality to these things, no embarrassing things to pop up 15-20 years later and make me have to kill someone, then stash them in my granny's deep freezer for 3 days, then put them through a wood chipper and use them as fertilizer in my yard...
Oh shit, un-read that last couple of sentences, please.

Anyoldserialmurderist ways, as these things go, the cars were usually very swoopy and angular, as to suggest that they were fucking FAST, and always had enormous, barely-in-the-wheelwell wheels that only came into favor more recently in the sporting car segment. As a child born in 1979 and raised in the 80's, one could think about the level of influence the Lotus Esprit spread on my scribblings.
Funny, as one can look back to sports cars since the Esprit was in favor and see the same influence on certain cars as well... I guess I was more of a sheep than I was willing to cop to being after all, huh?
No, not really.

Anyway, I learned that my interest in cars was best directed at picking up a wrench here and there, and knowing what the hell I was talking about with them at the very least. I also learned I was a much better writer than I was an artist, and that I REALLY like titties, so my interests shifted greatly.
Do you know what a "tangent" is? Because I have been ON one for the most of this post so far while a large amount of images uploads in another Firefox tab.
In fact, I will go take a shower now, and will place the images in the post before I turn in for bed tonight...

Meanwhile back at the ranch...
The De Tomaso Pantera was a sports car from Italian company, De Tomaso, otherwise the title of this blog would be ironically fucked.
The car was produced over a long period, from 1971-1991, and that long life will be shown in styling from the pictures to come forth here. Powered, oddly, by a Ford engine in the rear of the car driving the rear wheels, naturally making more power in other markets than the ones exported to the States, but we should be more than used to that by now. In fact, we shouldn't even complain about the ongoing screwjob either.
In fact, the ones that WERE brought across the water were done so by Ford, and would come to personify the Fix Or Repair Daily stigma that continues to follow some of the company's model still 39 years later.
I could go on and on here, but you're here for pictures of a car, not a bunch of words, no?

144 images later, I have conducted one hell of an automotive pr0ns, no? Gallery is here.
See y'all on the next one!


Wayne Edwards said…
pictures... i can follow this.

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