Spring Cleaning

Having given up beer for Lent, and not having a mountain of cash to blow on alternative liquors in lieu of, this has been a largely sober month for me for the most part.
Spring started the other day, so I guess I will set about the adult thing of "Spring Cleaning" in and around my house, what with a few days left on my sabbatical -- barring the acquisition of a second job, of course.

I have compiled a bit of a list of things to do, inside and out.

*** outside ***
  1. Wasp nest on the front of the house needs to be sprayed and knocked off once all of the hellish bugs it contains have dissipated.

  2. Kill/cut back some of the trees in the back yard between my house and the park.

  3. a) SHAVE the yard, cutting the grass to the lowest setting that the lawn mower will allow, then...
    b) With sand, fill the holes Irv created getting his truck -- and 2 support trucks -- stuck in the mud on the side of the house. Pack tight and top with real soil to grow good grass with.
    c) Install drainage in that perpetually soft area to avoid this ever happening again.
    d) Aerate
    e) Weed/feed
    f) Sit back and watch God work on what will be the best-looking yard on my block.
    [Phlip note - not that those broads next door can be bothered to have anyone EVER cut theirs at normal intervals]

  4. Cut down the tree nearest the front door and trim the bush next to it. The tree never grew anything last year and has nothing to this point now, and the bush is attacking people who go near that door.

  5. Fix loose bricks on "back" porch

Seems like quite a bit of work, but I estimate that with the help of my brother on the drainage thing, I could have this done on a clear weekend if I start immediately after work on Friday and don't dick around on it.

With that being said, the inside of the house will be a bit easier as a result of the fact that I have not been in the house very long, and consists more of adding that removing.

*** inside ***
  1. Thorough cleaning of the carpet at the entrance way.
    [and damn, I need a doormat]

  2. Move all "winter" clothes to the closet we aren't using in the room that we aren't using... I know that "winter clothes" is a relative term to most of those who know I wear shorts year-round, but I do have some jackets, long-sleeves and hoodies that will need to go away for a while.

  3. Scotchguard the couch and loveseat again... They're microfiber and my mama describes them as being "too light in color," so I take necessary precautions to keep them as clean as possible.

  4. Find a more effective means of storage of shoes, as lord knows BOTH of us have a ton of them.

  5. Finally unpacking the rest of the clothes that I have not bothered wearing since moving into the house in August and address whether to keep or donate them.

  6. Hanging up pictures and and finishing decorating the house.

  7. Actually assembling the "guest" bedroom on the off chance that we might have company for longer than "last call, go home."

  8. Good thorough dusting of everything in the house.

I guess I am in luck that we don't have a terrible lot to have to do, in our not having been in the house for a very long time now, and the things that we are up against are not much more than the normal seasonal stuff. I can't imagine that any of this would take us a terribly long time, once buckling in and getting right down to it. Now with a list laid out ahead of us, it should be that much easier.
Anyone who should so care to assist in the completion of these lists, feel free to drop me a line for directions to the house.


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