Frats/Sorors, the ORIGINAL gangs... A guest/co-scribe

What you're about to read is a scribe co-written by the homie Galen Henderson...
[Phlip note - one of these days I will talk the boy into starting a blog, as I'd basically GIVEN him this one, lol]
This topic seems to be a bit of a hot (or at least warm)-button issue, based upon recent events in the news, along with a prevailing opinion of my own. With that said, Mr. Henderson has the floor until I announce that I am taking it back.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. My name is Galen Henderson and at this time I would like to thank the resident SMPF Scribe for giving me these few minutes to post up a few words that’s on my mind. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a Youtube video where the Sprite Step-Off Competition Sorority Division shows the team that won. Here’s the video. Go ahead and take 10 minutes to take a look.

Watched it? Good. Ok, I have to say that was extremely impressive!! Now they won and because of that, ALL of the so-called “Divine Nine” (that’s what they call themselves, seriously) Sororities are up in ARMS that a white sorority from the University of Arkansas won. Apparently, about a week later, there was a “scoring discrepancy” and they made the runner-up team (I don’t care about who they are) co-first place winners. Really??? Seriously?? So let me get this straight: because a white sorority OUT-STEPPED all of the “Divine Nine” then they come up with a fake error and award a black sorority co-winners out of what sympathy?? Something smells rotten to me. I’ve seen some of the comments not only on that video but elsewhere that talked about this, and the only thing I can liken it to be is the exact same hatred and racism as the fraternities and sororities that denied black folks all those years ago. And now because you all think that because stepping is done in mostly black frats & sorors that a white team has no place?? Again, I say: “REALLY????” There’s more hatred going on here than anything that the KKK could ever do. Look, the bottom line is this: All you black sororities got seriously OUT-STEPPED!!! No more, no less. These white girls put it down and did better than anyone gave them credit for. This should be a message to you Deltas, Alphas, and whatever other “Divine Nine” Sorority I forgot to mention, to STEP YA DAMN GAME UP and DO NEW STUFF!!!! Now I know plenty of people and family members that are in Frats & Sorors. If it works for them, cool. But as far as I (and apparently many others) have seen, what real purpose do they serve? Now, Brother Phlip shared a list that breaks down the difference between gangs and these “Divine Nine”. After I read it, the only real difference I can see is that these are gangs for the “educated Negroes”. I don’t know…. Maybe I see things different from most others, but you tell me. Once again, I would like to thank Phlip for allowing me the time to post up here & I’m sure he’ll have a few choice words for this as well too. Thank you and good night.

[Phlip note - the above was Galen speaking, now it is my turn... At least one person reading this, the aforementioned 'list,' has heard all of these at least once]

Exactly what is there separating a gang from a Greek letter organization?

When a gang forms, it forms of people from a certain area, and we all know that the beauty of gentrification has served to the devices of legal segregation, which means that the gang will consist of ALL people from on ethnic background.

Guess what? This ALSO applies to frats/sororities, even on the same campus.

You can ALWAYS identify a gang by the colors they wear.

Man, this one is fucking easy, isn't it? If you can't identify a frat/soror by their colors, you probably have never been near a college campus.

I bring into the conversation, ladies and gentlemen, the crip walk. No further lining needed.

Another one of those"things," rivaling gangs fight and get into random tension ALL THE TIME, with very little reasoning other than just to be doing it.

Frats/sorors are no different, it is hilarious to watch one speak on the other and how bad they are, applying the stereotypes usually applicable to the members of said frat/sorority.

"What's the fucking point anyway"...
Gangs collect "dues," though not monetary, and require that people commit their lives to the gang, but I have YET to see the point of it other than "protection," which is only from shit caused by the gangs in the first fucking place. "Coercion" if you might.

Frats/sororities collect "dues," and this time it is very much monetary this time. Problem being that the money is not put forth to serving the community as was initially intended, but for propping up the organization, and what the hell for?

To get into a gang, you must be chosen, then prove your loyalty, "pay your dues," and sometimes even have the OGs 'jump' you into the gang.

Frats/sororities require you to be chosen to be in, then you "pay your dues," going through a weeks-long process in which the OGs will haze the fuck out of you, whether they're supposed to or not...
[Phlip note - yes, I know that legally they're not supposed to haze you, but my understanding is that some will either get your permission to with the understanding that if you take your legal right not to be hazed, then you'll be sent to the Junior Varsity team and not allowed to play in any of the reindeer games... or something like that]
Oh, after that, the "dues" cost you money.

On the whole, there is no real difference, except no one is pretending to adhere to any laws in the gangs...

Dealing in terms of the more popular, or the benchmarks of the street gangs genre...
The Crips street gang was started in 1969, and the Bloods in 1972. The Folk Nation and the People Nation both in 1978.
Conversely, Alpha Phi Alpha was started in 1906 and AKA was started in 1908 -- speaking only of black frats/sororities -- so we can't exactly say that the "Greek" organizations have been copying the street gangs, what with a many decades-long head start on the street gangs. In fact, the simple virtue of being behind the 8 ball on the issue and the virtue of being "educated negroes" allows them the virtue of appearing more civilized and surely possessing the access to academy that would allow the building of a structure so the leaders in Chicago can do shit like leaking money off of the organization to pay for wax statues of themselves, as if they'd actually done shit to warrant being in a "National Museum of Great Blacks in Wax" museum. Just sayin'.

That much being said, we must refer to the frats and sororities as the "OG" (original gangsters), while the actual gang members are "BG" (baby gangsters).

I know feathers will be ruffled by such a conversation/comparison... I am also 100% aware, as should anyone reading this, that "ruffled feathers" are the least of my concerns.
Thick skin is to be exercised when commenting, as usual.


Hey Phlip. As a proud AKA, I honestly don't take offense to your comparisson. I would agree that fraternities and sororities are indeed the OG's, but unfortunately, both frats/sorors AND street gangs have evolved away from their original purposes and tactics. That's the sad part, in my opinion.

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