Not that anyone might notice or particularly care...

... but I PLAN on taking the rest of the month off for the blog.
Again, while I am the Best Blogger Alive, I've yet to gather an enormous following outside of those who either know/know of me or have similar interests to my own. I think I was at 21 subscribers, according to my RSS reader offering me the honor of subscribing to my own blog, as if I wasn't the only one writing on the damned thing.
In so much, I don't toot my own horn, or make myself out to be more than the nihilist drunkard asshole with an offensively incorrigible set of opinions. Oops, shit happens. The shit that has happened, though, has led me to not be particularly thrown off that a few days of my silliness on Blogger will not be missed. So don't send suicide watch to my house, I don't have any loose razors, as I do not use them and completely and totally lack the wherewithal to want to bring ill upon myself, no matter how much insurance money it might bring my family, under some certain circumstances...
[Phlip note - don't be tryin' to get cute, I know who is reading this]

Anyway, I have some shit I need to get done around the house as previously described, not to mention I am gearing up for a big project in April, to which I am applying my currently available creative juices (no homeaux).
That being said, I am still right by any other communications medium normally available, so email, facebook, text or call me. The last option to employed, as it were, would be that phone call since I don't particularly fancy talking on the fucking phone as it is.

This post is not a set-in-stone PROMISE that I am done for the month, unless something happens to hit me that must be posted RIGHT then, but unless you want tales of me cleaning up my house and cutting my grass, don't cancel Christmas on that.
Probably talk at you folks Thursday, whether you care or not.


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