Shit or get off the pot

Your lack of planning really should no one's emergency but your own, and you're quite irresponsible to treat it as such.

Anyone know somebody who ONLY leans on you when they want or need some shit that they could have planned better for?
Know any who do this shit all the time?

What, when this person is habitual in the fuckuppery, yet instead of copping to being a general fuckup would sooner yell at anyone in an make it everyone's fault but their own?
Ever notice how this person is usually all about what you can do for them, but God forbid you need something in return, or even prompt reparations of what you have done? Lovely in this, how they'll usually build a network of yes-persons and suck-butts to tell them how great they are against all convention -- or at the very least to make excuses for looking past the elephant in the room.
Never is it simply about the wanting or needing of assistance, but more about the continued doing (or not doing) the same shit over and over and expecting different and somehow magically better results.

The person in question is, to be quite frank, usually a coward, the only decisions generally made are in haste and usually dead-ass wrong and the resulting situations are hardly -- if ever -- seen to completion on their own watch. A babysitter is invariably needed and overused. The safety net becomes the norm and not the exception it is designed to be, then becomes a crutch and in the natural progression of things, an eventual crippler.

The sad part, here, is that everyone who will or might read this knows at least one person like that, usually more.
I guess the question to be asked, though is are you that person or are you their victim?

No opinion or lesson presented in this post, between everything including daylight savings, shitty neighbors and retarded NC weather patterns, I have a dull and persistent headache that doesn't seem to want to go away. Strange that these headaches begin when I give up beer for lent and cut back on drinking in general for money, huh?
April is not coming fast enough, it seems.

How much does a grown man/woman take?


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