March 9th... today in history

Here I am...
Had a doctor's appointment this morning, $4.00 (yes, four dollars) in prescriptions medication and zero copay at the office later and now I am home with the rest of the day off...
[Phlip note - I guess all that complaining I did about the cost of my insurance was unnecessary after all]
Apparently, today marks the anniversary of a large historical occurrence.

Being the internets nerd and researcher that I am, I decided that I would take a break from looking at images of naked women in Feedly to look and research what historically has taken place on this day...

[Phlip note - that is a link, and if you use an RSS Feed Reader, you NEED that, same if you have an iPhone/Android device]

It would happen that today marks the occurrences of literally thousands of things throughout history, I decided that I would have a crack at 19 items to share with you.
And here we go...

Source: World's most accurate encyclopedia.

There, I have laid out a collection of good reading for you and yours based on the events of today throughout history. All links have been left intact for the enjoyment/sharing of you and your friends...
I even did you all the favor of not including my silly little strike-thru text or italicized parenthesis quotes this time around.

What, were y'all expecting something more?


Tony Grands™ said…
Good AND informative.
Can't ask for anything else...

I love how you didn't include the talk of the 'Nets in the drop. Sheer genius.

"• 1976 – Forty-two people die in the 1976 Cavalese cable-car disaster, the worst cable-car accident to date"

^^^I don't ride the things @ Disneyland just so I'm not a victim of the second-worse cable car accident in history.

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