General fatassery

I know I said I was planning on not posting, but I specifically spoke to the fact that I was not promising that... Well, I was swayed by a bout with boredom and an article that popped up on MSN while I stewed today over how much my job hates me...

You know what?
I am actually giddy over the coming of the State Fair again, even though it is still 6 months out yet. After the fun we had last time and considering that it had been about 15-20 years or so since I had been before that, I have found myself on the Googles looking for dates on when it would be back and if I can't tide myself over, where I could go in the meantime within roughly 1-2 hours of my house.
Not to be around the large number of beautiful North Carolinian people, because perusal of that last one would would serve indication that fair folks don't often fit that description...
The reason, then?

I know that -- save for a recent flare up in my asthma that has caused me a visit and a followup to my primary care physician -- that I am in decently good health and shape. So much so, in fact, that I am headed to shoot some ball this evening and will spend the rest of the week in the yard, weather permitting... But I am a man, and a man with weaknesses at that. Beer, titties, good food, rap music, offensive jokes and profanity are just a few of those weaknesses to be named.
Don't judge me.

I have no reason to really want to go to the/a fair other than to want to partake in the fatteningly rich foods, lol. Sure, I do not partake in swine, but the fact remains that there is plenty in the way of smoked/grilled turkey and fried chicken/fish (and anything else, for that matter) to warrant someone like me going to the fair, pigging the fuck out, playing NO games, riding NO rides and coming home with take-home food and a clear conscience.

Now, just show me the way and I am ON it.


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