Who says reality TV is faked?

DMX was arrested again recently, big shocker there...
It has reached the point where you can set your watch by his arrests.

With an arrest record like his, it is only natural that the man is on probation(s) of some sort(s), and therefore would be facing some time behind bars for his latest escapades.
Unless something happens, of course.

Yeah, something is reported to be taking place. Dr Drew Pinsky, seeing an opportunity for another paycheck from VH1, has reached out to authorities asking if he could be allowed to treat DMX for his drug problem(s) at his Pasadena Recovery Center. One would only be able to infer that the cameras will be rolling as they normally are in that place, and that we will get a season of Celebrity Rehab and perhaps Sober House as a result.

While I am the one who, though unable to turn away from some of the admittedly shitty "reality" programming on VH1, will sit back and talk on just how made up it all is. You usually have one "celebrity," (quotations for effect, of course) who is looking for "love" among a group of contestants who are usually just looking to make a name themselves. That much being said, I can honestly say I have seen 3 or more of those girls in porno since their time on the shows in which they debuted. One of those even went on to get a show of her own, sadly. We won't even get into how hard Ray J is milking his 15 minutes, so much that his sister decided to get in on the act now.

Anyway, back to Earl Simmons...
You know you have reached a hard spot in the world when you've gone from relative obscurity to 5 straight #1-debuting platinum-selling albums, parlayed into a moderately successful acting career and shit it away doing dumb shit, like impersonating police officers, federal agents, fighting dogs and smoking crack.
There is a rumor that he stole the song that eventually got him put on from another rapper while in jail, but that is left to opinion on who you believe. To his credit, K-Solo did pass a lie detector test on one of those hood DVDs standing behind his claims, though.
Anyway, this all comes back to the realest reality show on television... There is no way to glamorize or try to make yourself look even decent when you're detoxing and trying to beat addiction, be it to drugs, alcohol or even sex(?!!?). It is also one of those things that can't be faked, necessarily. I mean, we can see that the people on the show are trying not to come across as tweekers, but even that comes across as fake and is fucking hilarious. In middle and up to high school, when we had bigger fish to fry, we used to watch crackheads being cracky and it was always the funniest thing ever. Entertainment value is one of the only redeeming things remaining to ever being around a dope fiend. Keep in mind that you would rather be able to do it from a distance, lest shit might start getting missing from your crib.
That is what makes such a show so great. It is all of the reward with none of the risk, all you have to do is make sure you've paid your cable bill this month, and mine is current and gets paid up on Friday.

Good times, I am hoping this one happens for real, if only to see someone we feel like we know acting all cracky without it potentially costing us all the electronic devices in the house, or even having to spend time NEAR crackheads as in the past.


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