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True Story©... The Ballad of Jiggaboo Jackson

       I don’t like going out in public… It isn’t so much that I am antisocial – well I kinda am, but I fuck with who I fuck with and that makes a huge difference – but I have also done an absolute lifetime's worth of fuckshit in the community as the two of you have read in these pages in just the past two years. One of my greatest fears is that I will be out with Wife Person™ and or my little one and something that they don’t know I have done comes face-to-face with me. Don’t tell THEM that, but that is partially why I am so reluctant to go out and be places.      … so I am in The Walmarks a couple of weeks ago, minding my own business, collecting things for the Superbowl party and I hear someone in the distance calling apparently for me… Voice: “S’cuse me. Aye man! AYE!!!” Me: “You talking to me?” Him: “Yeah, yeah man… Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Me: “I’on think I know you bro.” Him: “Yeah, ain’t yo name like–… Somethin’ weird, like Fap Fappington or something like

True Story©… Wrist Twistin’ Kitchen

       Sometimes my boredom takes me to WILD places… Y’all remember back in 2020, when I got furloughed from work and snared the information of and finagled some time on the phone with a TV exec? [ link ] What about now?      Well I am not saying all of that to say that I have been furloughed again.   I have actually made a pretty good go of life since that furlough ended 7 weeks early, but no need to get all off into that.   I have, from time to time, called or received calls from the same guy about ideas he or I might have for television shows.   I swear, I think I am just his release to break up the monotony of his daily life because there is no way in hell he can be taking the shit I come up with seriously.      Anyway… A couple of weeks ago, my FB memories dragged me back to an idea I had posted on Twitter (I ain’t calling that shit ‘X,’ like ever) wherein I proposed a new game show idea…   Rather than sit here and explain in excruciating detail what the game and show w