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^^^ That's in all caps, so you have to do it!      Every day or three, I am forwarded a message with the words “let’s make this go viral!” Every day, I refuse to forward that message or participate in the “going viral” of said message. Why? Well, my blog has (as I type this sentence) 919 published posts since February of 2009.  My most popular post has 13,774 views and most of those came from a guy sharing the post on a forum because his car was featured.  Not viral. Since my return last year, my most popular post was the Good Times post a couple of weeks ago [link] .  Still not viral.     I make a point every couple or few weeks informing the populace that I will not participate in the sharing of articles (usually unread by the sharer) , pictures (usually not understood by the sharer) , videos (usually unwatched by the sharer) or any other posts until I see one of MY posts “go viral.” I will share what interests me, I will share the stories I have read, I will