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Italian Automotive Pr0ns -- Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo, varying years/trim, thanks to Google Image Search...

Adventures in the pumping of Gas...

I live in a medium-sized city, as far as city sizes in the United States goes... Greensboro, NC houses about a quarter million people after some annexation last summer. As it goes, there are people from ALL walks of life and castes in my city. Housing projects? We got 3... Mansions? I can show you the biggest ones... 'burbs? Yep! Farm land? Tobacco and corn grows 4 miles east of city limits, still in the county... Here's the rip, though. On I-85, the city lasts from exit 132 to just before exit 118... That, ladies and gentlefolk, is 14 miles in length, and does nothing to go into the width of the city, or the size going the other directions. There is a reason that we're the 3rd largest in the state, the county seat... Believe what you will, fuck what you heard - country we are not, 131.2 square miles. Problem, though... Population centers in the city lend to the problem that people live in clusters. By "live" I do not say that as "reside," as much as I d

No thanks, I will take my stereotypes straight up

As most of both of you recall, about 6 or 7 weeks ago, Oprah Winfrey sponsored a promotion where KFC would be giving away 2 pieces of their then-new Grilled Chicken and 2 individual sides for a limited time for 2 weeks until the middle of May, with the exception of one day... Well, I will not even go into the hassle that came with the actual PRINTING of the coupon, nor will I go any further in on how the pieces given were "manager's choice," which means you would get the tiniest "we can't sell that" piece of chicken that managed to stay under the red lights before discard or being eaten by one of the employees. I WILL, however, spend a moment on what utter bullshit it bestowed on KFC nationwide, in the name of snarled lines and lost sales for people standing in line to be declined their free chicken. Hell, one night early in the promotion, I wanted Chinese takeout from a place next door to a KFC and had to park at a carwash 2 doors down from the Chinese plac

True Story

Okay, so I got a new job, but I was unsure what the hell the company was, there was no literature or signage on the building. Weird, because the building itself, on the outside, was the same building I worked in at AT&T... Anyway, first day, the other newbs and myself are met in the lobby by the HR rep, and led to an elevator (one that was not there in my 5+ years there, mind you). We got on the elevator and were taken to the 4th floor (though the building only has 3). On the elevator trip up, all I can think is "damn, this elevator is fast as hell," and another girl mentions it out loud... Anyway, the first day is breezed through, simply filling out and signing W-9 forms, selecting benefits and reading company protocols and yaddayaddayadda, you know how it is when you start a new place of employment. We're taken on a tour of the building and I see people I know, but there is STILL no indication of what the hell the company is. Next day, I arrive to work about 20 minu

My Last Basketball Post Until October

Yes, lady and gentleman, we're at the end of the NBA season and the Lakers have made me an honest enthusiast... Let me start this all off by saying I will spare you the cliche video of Queen's "We Are The Champions," as I am sure that the rest of Blogger, Wordpress, various forums and websites the world over are rife with it. I enjoy that the boys were able to tie shit together on the way to delivering a conclusion that was foregone. Yes, let us not forget who was said to be in the "up" position to take the title this year back at the beginning of the year. Yes, an injury to Andrew Bynum (again -- ugh -- and this time while he was playing well) had this year looking scarily like last year, and none of us wanted to see THAT shit again. Then some shit happened... The foregone conclusion changed hands, Kevin Garnett got hurt and The LeBrons laid waste to an otherwise weak eastern conference, and THEY were the unchallenged juggernaut. For 2 rounds of the playoff


Yep, lady and gentleman, it's a frog. ... carry on.

Rev. Wright - "I still matter"

Wright says 'Jews' keeping him from Obama (yes, that was a link, click it before continuing) It seems as if the man who, from the sidelines, proved to be one of the most damning associations that the now-president had leading up to the election has his little feelings hurt because apparently Barack MEANT the shit when cutting ties with him in order to move on to bigger and better things. So now, after Obama TRIED to let him down nicely last March by repudiating the shit that Wright had been saying and distancing himself -- as any clear thinking adult would see they SHOULD -- the Right Rev. Wright turned up the heat and went on the television talking to anyone who would listen to him continuing his dumbass agendas. It looked more and more like Obama would become president and that he, in a case of necessary attrition, would become a speck in the rear view mirror. Election night came and went and Jeremiah Wright ceased to matter to anyone anymore. Black people and Obama supporter

NBA Finals

Go Lakers!!! Yes, I have been a fan for all of my 29 years, 11 months, 4 days, 13 hours and 11 minutes (as of when I type this) -- yes, your man is turning 30 in about 3 weeks, not that I am counting or anything... Yes, I know the ups and downs of being a Lakers' fan, so I am banking on them totally fucking off one of the games, likely game 2, and Orlando straight up GETTING one off of them. Lakers in 6 though, Phil Jackson is the best coach in the playoffs, and especially the finals for a reason... Kobe came out in a different brand of "kill" last night, in which he scores 40 without trying hard, only shoots like 8 free throws, gets EVERYONE involved at both ends of the floor and wins by 25. That was a trouncing, lady and gentleman. I am NOT snowed by the blowout, though. It is a hard lesson that comes from being a Lakers' fan. What this is, considering that Stan Van Ron Jeremy is not a slouch in that coaching box for someone with no playing experience in the league