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Hotep Heroes Series... Black Panther

     I called it back in October, when I put out the call to ABSOLUTELY protect Chadwick Boseman at all costs. [ link ] The upcoming movie Black Panther is an event to us.  It is finally the chance to see Black Excellence in cinema.  Yes, we last visited the idea of Black Excellence with October’s Marshall, but comparative attention should be paid here.  As of when I type this sentence, Marshall has cleared only $10.1 domestic, not even covering the cost of production, while Black Panther broke Fandango’s advance ticket sales record the day they went on sale.      So back to it…  Black Excellence.  Portrayal of someone who looks like us as royalty.  Royalty to be admired, royalty of unimaginable wealth, physical ability, intelligence and respect.  Compare this to the slaves, dope fiends, coons, criminals and philanderers “they” love to bankroll for us usually.  Black Excellence.  The enthusiasm is palpable, people who don’t even CARE about comic book movies are talking ab
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Great Moments in Black History - Family Matters Edition

The date was January 29, 1993… Wait, hold on a second.  Y’all remember Family Matters, right? The show was a spinoff of Perfect Strangers, apparently the black lady who worked with them at the newspaper had a hilarious family with a more hilarious neighbor and showrunners decided that their show and their random negrous shenanigans would be more interesting in the long run than Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous.      The whole show got aped by the popularity of the aforementioned neighbor and “Family Matters” fell victim to the phenomena of black people referring to shows by the name of the most popular character on the show as the title instead of actually mentioning the show itself by its actual title. [ Phlip note : yes, this was a real thing, I shit you not] Anyway… As at least one of the two of you may recall, the show began with three children; Eddie, Laura and Judy Winslow.  In the 4 th season, it is rumored that the real-life parents of the youngest
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True Story©... The Big Payoff pt I

     Okay, so I bombed the fuck out in that interview a couple of weeks ago and no one came to my defense financially.  I was left with little recourse.  I was forced with the ideas of either franchising my dick or flipping what little money I did have into the streets.      Well there’s a couple of problems with those… 1 – Franchising my weewee, even if in a COMPLETELY professional manner, would be in violation of my home situation and things could become less than cool. and… 2 – I don’t know the people I once knew to just go all Breaking Bad and shit.      So I am left to use what I got to get where I want. And man, FUCK am I far from “where I want” right now.  Shit, I even tried to rob Santa Claus ! Wayment… That’s IT!      Sanctions on North Korea to make them poorer have ATTEMPTED to shackle their trade of one of their main commodities; coal.  Since I landed myself on the permanent naughty list with the aforementioned attempt to jux Santa, I someh
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Hotep Heroes... Black Lightning

     I’ll be honest…  Until last Monday, I had never even HEARD of Black Lightning. As a part-time comic book nerd who has found himself in a dearth of time for it for most of my adult life – who, by the way, was never much for DC Comics anyway – it was just completely under my radar.      Episode 1 was about to come when my lady mentioned it to me.  “Hell, I’ll watch,” I said after a perfunctory Google search of the premise of the show.      On the whole, I was impressed with the show.  The presentation of Black life in America, a man willing to do what he must for his own kids and in the protection of those in his responsibility and a well-written story were all wins.  This is The CW we’re talking about here, so I was fully expecting low-value production bordering campy or even comical. In the latter, they did not disappoint.  This would be made ESPECIALLY obvious when our hero finally donned his costume.  Cheesy superhero quotes ensued, even through attempts by the w
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True Story©... Back on the Hunt

     Life is hard these days… Y’all recall clearly back in October when I was fired over titties and not ONE of you came to my aide? [ link ] Well, I have been trying with all I can to come up with SOMETHING to do for money in the in-between and still getting no assistance from any of my readers, but somehow I have managed to make due.      Well I finally got an interview! After 3 months now of throwing my resumé EVERYWHERE I thought it would stick, I finally earned myself a call back from a company not far from my house.  That would be a plus, compared to the 23+ mile commute I had been up against for the previous several years.      Nerves dragged me out of my bed last week at 5am, I showered and brushed my hair, ironed my clothes, brushed up on rehearsed interview responses front-loaded on me by my lady.  The interview was set for 8:30am, which gave me time to drop my daughter off at school and show up to the interview approximately ten minutes early prepared for
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Hotep Luv... I've Finally Found Her

     We think we’ve finally found her… By “we,” I mean my wives and I as a collective. See here: A woman so virtuous that she knows that acts performed on a man without the express intent of adding – or at least ATTEMPTING – to a strong Black family with strong black babies is time wasted. Everything about her so virtuous, she is even about the life of making sure that a queen knows that she should be in the kitchen preparing for the continued health of her King, Princes/Princesses and Co-Queens.  Suffice it to say, we Hotep-Love this woman.  So much that we made the decision to keep her identity hidden so as to have her all to ourselves.      A coon, apparently not with the movement, asked her about her stance on a man pleasing a woman.  She had an answer for that too.      “Happy wives, happy lives” they always say, right? Anyway.  We decided as a trio to slide into her inbox and are patiently waiting on her response.  We would love the chance to brin
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Hotep Politics... Run Oprah Run!!!

     Look, we didn’t watch the Golden Globes, but we have also been looking in on the news in its wake.  Apparently my third wife in waiting Oprah Winfrey gave a moving speech in which she took Hollyweird to task for its misgivings in unauthorized diddling. Read it here .      The speech was seen as one of those moments that touches off an apparent run toward the presidency and in an Amerikkka where it is no longer necessary to BE a politician to become a politician, the internets has gone nutso.      And we support this, full heartedly.  No, seriously, we are ALL the way here for this.  We’ll offer up a few reasons why… 1 – Her net worth is higher than 45 can readily prove his is…      She could offer not to take a salary as president and actually tangibly follow through with it. 2 – She started that school for girls in Afrika…      Shows she is about the cause for brown people, more than any president prior to her.  If self-proclaimed Hotepest Hotep Gawdt Supreme
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The Prisoner...

     I have a massive amount of respect and sympathy for tortured creative souls… There was a time where I just didn’t get it; the grief that comes with being one of those people who is constantly looking to pull everything they see/say/do into something that is their outlet du jour at the next moment they will arrive to their medium to do so.  As I have been back writing for the last 16+ months with an all-new focus here, I see it more than ever.      I look back to the last time I was actually motivated and I see it.  I finished my novel in 30 days, all 50k words of it.  Waking up at 5am to pound out an idea brewing.  Carrying a flash drive with me everywhere and writing without eating lunch.  Ignoring the whole-ass world around me, for better or worse.  I did it all.  Two of the four albums I listened to for that September/October month were Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and Gil Scott-Heron’s Winter in America .  If ever there was a succinct definition of tortured creative
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Writing About Writing Vol 8

     “Stick and Move.” Every day I have been near a desktop computer for about the last 16 months, I make a point of opening my blog dashboard and looking around.  I make sure of the traffic numbers, I look at comments that might have found themselves in the Moderation Queue, I look back over previous posts and make small changes I may have missed on the way through the first time. Most importantly, I open my drafts queue.  In it there is usually one to three posts I am actively working on, one I am purposely never posting and FIVE I can best describe as a “false start.”      My archive goes like this: 2009 – 204 posts.  I was new and excited. 2010 – 178 posts.  I was still into what I was doing but busy in the real world. 2011 – 110 posts.  Ava showed up in July and my time was strained. 2012 – 35 posts I was slowly being dragged somewhere I wound up not liking. 2013 – 8 posts…  see above, I was actually there now. 2014 – Took a whole YEAR off and apparently started
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True Story©... Back To Life

     I tried some major cash grabs in 2017.  Right from the damn beginning, no less.  Y’all remember back in January, I decided I would be accountabilibuddy to people who needed to be insulted into action? [ link ]      Well naturally, no one took me up on it.  No skin off my back.  I ended 2017 weighing considerably less and feeling a ton better than I did when I started it. As discussed in these pages, a lot of eating right and a little bit of exercise has been the key.  Such an effective approach has it been that we were allowed to take long breaks from it all in the mid-summer and again for the holidays without doing too much damage.  Changing habits for the better tends to make shit better for when it’s time to snap back to your norms.      “Norms,” as it relates to me, includes showing my ass back up at the gym in the afternoons.  No huge deal, there, my physical conditioning has continued to remain good through walking on my lunches and spending as much time on my f
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