Hotep Politics... Run Oprah Run!!!

     Look, we didn’t watch the Golden Globes, but we have also been looking in on the news in its wake.  Apparently my third wife in waiting Oprah Winfrey gave a moving speech in which she took Hollyweird to task for its misgivings in unauthorized diddling.
Read it here.

     The speech was seen as one of those moments that touches off an apparent run toward the presidency and in an Amerikkka where it is no longer necessary to BE a politician to become a politician, the internets has gone nutso.

     And we support this, full heartedly.  No, seriously, we are ALL the way here for this.  We’ll offer up a few reasons why…

1 – Her net worth is higher than 45 can readily prove his is…
     She could offer not to take a salary as president and actually tangibly follow through with it.
2 – She started that school for girls in Afrika…
     Shows she is about the cause for brown people, more than any president prior to her.  If self-proclaimed Hotepest Hotep Gawdt Supreme, “Dr.” Umar is to get his movement off, she could be the one to give him the push.
3 – Tig.  Ol.  Bitties.
     Don’t mind us, this is just something to enjoy if we’re going to have to see someone on TV every day for four or eight years.
4 – She’s cool with anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy…
     Perhaps this will be the end of them injecting our sons with the gay gene and calling them ‘flu vaccines’.

     These are all things that can be taken apart from the fact that she is brown like us.  And by “like us,” I mean a REAL Black, not a mixed-race person or a lightskinnded.

     Sure, there has been the issue that she has never apparently been a fan of black men, as judged by how she has tended to treat rappers Ludacris, 50 Cent and Ice Cube and her apparent shyness to discussing “Black issues” in the news.  That could, however, be a double-edged sword though.  For her silence on hot button social issues, her money speaks LOUDLY through the tens of millions – often from her own bank account – she has thrown at educational causes.  If “Dr.” Umar has taught us nothing, it is that the path out of the problems plaguing Blacks and Browns, it is education.

     So it is there…  Sure, Oprah tends to be self-absorbed at times and ALL about some Oprah.  There is a certain level of scumbag necessary to even WANT to be the President.  I imagine that the scumbaggery that comes with escaping Kpscoisko Mississippi and making it to a $3B+ net worth might be what it takes to make this country great again.
[See what I did there?]

If we’re investing the future in the unproven abilities of people that we probably should have known better than to try, I ask “what more do we have to lose?”
Run Oprah Run!


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