What a difference 11,323 days makes

As of the moment that this post will go live, I am now 31 years old. With leap years of 1980, 84, 88, 92, 96, 2000, 04 and 08, that is Eleven Thousand, Three Hundred Twenty-Three days in those 31 full trips around the sun.
In that time, I have learned a great many things, gained and lost a great many things and people and importantly take from it a great many lessons.

I guess I have my parents to thank here as well. I thank my dad for giving me a clear and concise portrait of how NOT to deal any children I should so happen to sire. I thank my mom for doing as best she could with what she was given.
I thank the three of my grandparents who were alive to help raise me where pops just wouldn't, even when we were with him or when my moms just couldn't because of the hand we were dealt. I thank my late grandfather for the life lessons a man should impart on a growing boy, in the absence of the normally necessary father figure.

I thank my moms especially for allowing us the chance to ufck up within reason. What we took from this was the reason for what was right or wrong being right or wrong, as opposed to just some "do what the ufck I said because I said it" kind of upbringing that has a great many of those we came up with in jail to this day. This also taught me in adulthood that I am more than okay with letting other people ufck up while allowing to learn from their miscues.

To The Katie, who I intend the rest of forever with. I thank you for putting up with all my isht...
The loud snoring and farting in my sleep. The shoes all over the house. The general silliness and beer-with-every-after-work-meal sensibilities. The increasingly mountainous collections of model cars and rubber duckies. The damn near ONLY Reality TV and sports programming watching. The yelling loudly at games, whether good or bad. I know I am difficult to live with -- hell, I don't want to live with myself sometimes -- yet you've committed to stay for the duration. I love you for loving me and meaning it.

To anyone reading this, family, friends and anyone not specifically named above...
[Phlip note - don't take that personal unless you just needed something to take personal today, I will likely be too drunk by the time you read this to even care]

Know that, with the number of people who come in and out of my life that if you're even close enough to me to be reading this right now that I see a place for you around me, even if only in the capacity that of a "blog reader," just know that it is more than some others in my past have been granted, even if my blog is publicly available. Knowing me, most should realize that I make a point of not keeping any isht around me. Play in isht long enough you're bound to get some on you. Everyone I would call a friend knows why they are that. If they're the people I can talk to about (well almost talk about, as some isht is for Bruiser's ears only since he can't talk human) anything, they're the people who came to that hospital 7 years ago every day for the whole of my 2+ weeks. They're the people who get my random-ass text messages and borderline offensive jokes and facebook updates.
Hell, some of them are the snake motherufckers talking isht about me when I am not around as if someone who is actually worth having around won't eventually tell me.
[Phlip note - you know who you are, I can think of 2 of you who might see this right now as I type this, even if I never bother confronting you]

Somehow, if I thought you were close enough to be in attendance, you've received communication of the location, date and time of the celebration of my twin and my birthday, as well as that of my brother-in-law and, my cousin and my best friend (should those last two make it out). It will be Sunday, July 4 at 5pm and go on into the night until everyone has either left or passed out, weather be damned. If you would like to be in attendance, you should have some means of contacting me already, be it via the FaceBook, phone or email. Employ them.
For those who would like to pitch in on the party but cannot be in attendance in Greensboro, NC for geographical or other reasons, we do take Paypal and the button with which to do so is located over there on the right. Any amount will be welcomed and will surely be applied to the budget of food, alcohol, or pain relievers to be employed the following morning.

As this post actually goes live (as I'd actually typed it June 3), I am either in the bed, out in the world drinking heavily -- even if in someone's home -- or somehow otherwise occupied. I wouldn't miss, though, the opportunity to bid myself feliz cumpleanos, and would be more than pleased with you to do me the same.


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