Got a package yesterday

I seem to be getting a BUNCH of shit these days, but nevermind that...
I'd been waiting on these to come in for purchase through one of the vendors on our forum, but alas, they had been out of stock and on backorder for several months now. Once my money started coming in, a chunk of which dedicated to the car, I reached out to 3 of them with active sales and one who I just knew would be able to anyway.
No luck.
Apparently, they were all tied up in some bullshit about the brand-naming rights, though all the companies were apparently selling the SAME shit.

My ONLY option was ebay, which I was not too keen on, knowing the (perceived and observed -- hit or miss) quality of parts acquired through that medium. Kevin put my fears to rest when he explained that ALL of them -- even the "good" ones were the same ones, made by the same company and branded as whatever they were to be sold as, even the ebay ones. Thanks Kev, now I can go forward with my order...
$129.99 from my PayPal later, a few days of waiting on about 100 of that to clear to paypal from the bank, then 4 business days UPS ground shipping, we are back to that package that was waiting at Granny's when I got home from work.

All that just to say that I replaced my old, ratty tinted stock tail lamps with these guys...

(ZOMG, my plates are showing, someone will steal my car!!!)

(aww, look! a little fertilizer machine over there!)

Took it upon myself to go ahead and replace EVERY bulb in there with Long Life Sylvania ones so as to not have to go back in and change them later or anything, not that it would be terribly difficult, so much as a pain in the ass. Before (more likely during) paint, I will do the same with the marker lights and front turn signals as well, one of which is already blown I think.

These remind me immediately of how filthy my car is, so I am hoping that these are the last pics anyone sees of the car on the internets before she turns blue.


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