"Why do they..."

"... pay athletes and musicians so much?"

That is a question simple fucktons often ask when they cry to White Jesus because they're only making 35k annually...

I look at it like this.
NBA arenas seat on average about 25thousand people each. Tickets, comparing the courtside, suite and nosebleed tickets, are about 50 bucks each. Parking is not free, nor are refreshments... That is a total of $1,250,000 in tickets sales PER game, no? And that is even BEFORE concessions and the 9-fucking-dollar watered down beers... They will play 41 of those games every season in that arena, more if they make the playoffs. Assuming the very natural sellout crowd, we're looking at $51,250,000 per season. Television stations, local and national corporate sponsors WANT to try and sell shit to those 25k people, so they will GIVE the owner of the team money to put logos and place flashy advertisements all about the arenas. Television companies? Yep, they will cut the team (owner) in on their cut of shared exposure. Nike and Adidas both have logos placed on the uniforms, and that shit ain't free either. The way I see it, it is only fair that they make the money they make so some megastupid billionaire is not raking ALL that dough for the completion of athletic events that they cannot do themselves. Sheeit, it is only FAIR that the players get paid as they do.
Apply the SAME ideas to your favorite sport, and know that football stadiums seat between 75-100k and baseball between 50-75k. Hockey MATCHES basketball, as they play in the same arenas on a surface of similar size...

A CD costs about 2-3 bucks to make with case and liner notes... A CD costs between 10 and 15 bucks in the store. Maxwell (who made better music when he looked homeless, BTW), just sold like 312,000 copies this past week. Using that average of 12ish bucks, we will call that $3,744,000, of which he will have to recoup the label for whatever they fronted him to MAKE the album, then they have some fucked up points system where he will actually be UNDERPAID for the album. Of that 3.74 million, he MIGHT see 6 figures of it. Yes, while that is one hell of a trap for one week, but goddammit, did we (well, not me because Maxwell made better music when he looked homeless) not go out and BUY the fucking album? Other albums have sold more this year -- but not by much, we're in a recession -- I just used the top of the billboard this week for the application this time.

We are affording these people the lives that they're being provided, and it is only fair that they be compensated their due share of the income that THEY are generating with their talents. I find it laughable when people get their asses on their shoulders questioning "how come these people can bitch about not making 10 million a year, and teachers have to worry about their jobs being cut and they only make like 30 thousand?"
FACT: I have never met a middle school teacher who could hit a jumpshot consistently enough to carry an NBA team to the finals, hit a homerun, kick a field goal, sell out a coliseum or anything of the sort. Frankly, that means they lack the draw required to validate an exorbitantly huge salary. Sure, common sense serves it that their jobs are necessary to the other 98% of the population, but that does NOTHING to make their presence self-sustaining enough to sell tickets and merchandise, thusly validating an enormous payday.

Please miss me with this "spoiled superstar" bullshit. If it was THAT huge a deal, then people would not be buying albums, tickets, sneakers and jerseys and other merchandise and THEN their continued overcompensation might be something worthy of crying about.

Until then, I will continue shooting jumpers and playing until my 5'8" 30 year-old ass makes the league.


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