In light of all that has taken place the last couple weeks, I am completely and totally uninspired to write anything on these pages, yet I must. I do it in the name of practice.
Today, I will kill both of you to death with my boredom and a few pictures, some of which will actually be funny.

Just look at him

Fuck what you heard, I want a blue Great Dane NOW, bitches... Yes, I am aware that the dog will grow to be as big as ME, but LOOK at him!!! Who could want a Pit Bull after seeing that?
Y'all screwed me over on my birthday last week, someone hook it up!

And you expect me to believe this guy is the next big thing?

Yes, that is Drake, Mr. "best I ever had." Perhaps it is blind fury because I fucking hate his "music," but I place very little stock in someone who started as a child actor on Degrassi. I mean, at least Mos Def was on Cosby... Is he playing a cripple, a retard or a little of both? By the looks of this photo, I am guessing a little of both.


No food or beverages?
Look, I know we're in a recession and shit, but for IHOP to not have food and beverages, I wonder how they will possibly stay in business.
... oh, wait...

Adventures in Wally World

Just exactly what the fuck IS "Monkey Butt," and how does this powder help to counter it?

... but not really, since I never have been a hopeless romantic and my "filthy whore" days are far behind me.

Yes, I was raised in the 80s.

Y'all know I have a thing for Domo Kun, right?

Don't know why though... Just up and decided one day that he needed a gold grill with some diamonds in it and a couple of tattooed tears.

Current events can sometimes fuck up funny stuff...

Look, I know he didn't do it because if he had, then he would be in jail right now and alive... The fact that there were allegations and the brutal court of public opinion being just what it is, this was legitimately funny.
... until he died.
Dammit to hell.

I want to get some and just go about handing them out.

If it causes a fight, then so be it, I am prepared to have to knuckle someone down for the cause.


Kousen Tora said…
I would be glad to help you dish out those clips & beatdowns.
Tony Grands said…

That was one of the illest drops I've peeped this month.


Lmao @ "no food or beverages"

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