Concept automotive Pr0ns - Ford GT90

This car came as a 1995-unveiled concept car, of which not many photographs exist.
Ford was looking to draw nostalgia from it's legendary GT40 race car of decades past, doing so in a decade (the 90s) when people had income they could dispose of. A technological wonder, with aluminum honeycomb monocoque frame and carbon fiber body panels. Claims were astronomical, 700 horsepower and 253MPH top speed, but neither was proven or realized, as generally concept cars are usually not driven faster than 15MPH, NEVER more than 40.
Anyway, enough of me yammering, let's make with the images.

And like that, folks, I am done for now... I really dug through page after page into a Google image search for more of this car, and could not come up with more than those same images when taking into account usable image sizing...
See you three on the next one, soon as I decide which car is worthy of "Automotive Pr0ns" fame.


Tony Grands said…
I'm not a materialistic cat by any means, but....

Let my be the victim of a sizable windfall, & I would HAVE to get my hands on that fucking spaceship. No Bentley, Benz, etc, nice American jet-car.

That is truly a Car. Dare I veture.........I'd bone that thing.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for taking the time to find those pictures Phlip. This car really is a rare gem. It was a technological wonder at the time. I wish more people would remember this beast.


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