Italian Rally Automotive Pr0ns -- Lancia Delta

Yes, this is what I will call a curveball...
Normally, my "Automotive Pr0ns" posts include some classically pornographic and perversely expensive car, but today it will be about the Italian automaker Lancia's Delta, which was dominant in Rally Racing in the 80's and 90's, which happened to be before I cared about it, but oh well, I care now...
Known also as the "Saab 600" - from when Saab helped with design and sold the cars in some markets as such. Unfortunately, though, as with damn near any car worth desiring, no matter how much utility they might have -- like a car that is RESISTANT to rusting and such, a commodity anywhere from where I am and north, where we get real winters -- did nothing to acclimate them to the US market, or from their makers even fucking TRYING.
Oh well, sometimes not being to obtain something sustains dreams of having it, like my fantasies about Serena Williams...

This post is about a car, isn't it?
Yes, the Lancia... There will be several iterations of it represented here, we will have the HF Integrale, the S4, and the HF4WD. We will see roadgoing versions and rally/race cars and all.
Warning, this will be one with a LOT of pics, unlike the TVR of earlier:

My personal, nevermind that it is only like a foot long, it's MINES bidges:

As has become customary, the link to the gallery is right here.


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